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-22nd March 2004, 13:25
Hi everyone

Here's the entry form for the Cornwall LPJS in May:


We have managed to get sponsorship for the event from a London based record label, so we should have good prizes!

Send your entries asap. I have a new address where you can send entries to. This is:

Jon Salfield
11 Richmond Hill

Don't worry if you've sent your form to the old address, as it will still be redirected to me.

Look forward to seeing you all down here in May

-22nd March 2004, 22:12
And if you're in Yorkshire and can't or don't want to, travel 50 million miles for a youth comp then make your way to Hull for the Yorkshire Post Sporting Chance Youth League. Sponsored by Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Bank through the Sporting Chance. Entry forms on the Yorkshire Fencing website www.yorkshirefencing.org.uk

-23rd March 2004, 08:04
But I bet we have better surfing, more sunshine and pasties of a far superior standard...;)

-23rd March 2004, 12:30
'fraid I can't take that bet as you are so right. We do have wider roads.

-23rd March 2004, 12:57
And proper Yorkshire puddings.

Not to mention the Barnsley chop.:coachhome

-23rd March 2004, 16:39
Why go to the heathen wilds of the North when you can go to God's very own country of Cornwall?

-25th March 2004, 21:48
...because, my dears, it's a brill tournament, and I'm responsible for running this leg!!

And as Tiggers knows, we have done the manic tour from here down to Cornwall in the past and loved it.....and won!!!!

ah, Jim lad, what it is to go marauding...

-16th April 2004, 09:33
Ok folks, here's the deal. This year's Cornwall LPJS Foil is sponsored by JDID Music Entertainment. There will be Tee shirts for all winners, prizes for every competitor (getting better the further you go in the competition ;) ), and a draw for 2 micro scooters complete with helmet, pads etc. There will be 1 draw for the 8 age group winners, and then 1 for all the competitors together.

Also the sun will be shining (we've booked it already), and you can all go to the beach after...

Get your entry in now....

-16th April 2004, 12:27
There are times when I wish R still fenced foil........enjoy!!:confused:

-17th April 2004, 00:46
er.......... Yorkie youth league starting to look less attractive:confused: ;)

-17th April 2004, 22:22
What!!!!!!!Your are the B"$%^& main organiser !!!! Just cos I bludgeoned you into it ...don't you DARE let me down.......!! or girlie:eek:

-17th April 2004, 23:23
... but a micro scooter ..... :cash:

:dont: but you're right, I shouldn't even go there.

Anyway I'd get my:moon: :womping: as 'er indoors is looking forward to a weekend in Yorkshire for a change.

-18th April 2004, 10:29
...sorry Tigger, but I just HAVE to reign Tubby in sometimes......Just to make it clear, I'm not his 'er indoors (who is a very nice lady), but am she who must be obeyed...... , as if....... !!

Have a good comp - I would recommend it to anyone (who isn't under 16 and a school pupil living in Yorkshire on that day this year.....will try and organise it better next year - my fault, mea culpa).:o :rolleyes: :eek: :eek: :cool:

-19th April 2004, 15:10
teehee! yes thnx for that!

o well! ill be stood talking frnech to myself that day! at least i get the day off work!

are there many u16 entries yet?

-19th April 2004, 16:01
....have you sent me yours?????

-20th April 2004, 16:50
:rolleyes: umm no not yet!!!!

soz! its sat infront of me, just requires a cheque!

-20th April 2004, 18:13
I almost wish i had some small children that i could be a "responsible" adult for....
i like cornwall....

-20th April 2004, 19:12
small childs!!!!!

-20th April 2004, 23:46
Originally posted by colliebeast
I almost wish i had some small children that i could be a "responsible" adult for....
i like cornwall....

You could always purchase one off E-bay, then sell it on when you've had your trip

-10th May 2004, 10:02
Hi again everyone

It has been drawn to my attention that directions to the venue for the Bude LPJS are...erm...crap. I would like to pass the buck completely, as I'm not a local in Bude and therefore had no hand whatsoever in the aforementioned directions...

However, here are some slightly edited ones:
From M5/A30 Southbound - Follow the M5 to Exeter and take Junction 31 off the M5 (signed A30 Cornwall, Okehampton, Bodmin). Follow the A30until you reach a roundabout. Go straight on, comntinuing on the A30. Pass the Okehampton turn and a few miles later you'll reach a slip road where Bude is sign-posted. Take this exit off the A30. Now follow all the Bude signs from here. Eventually you will come into Bude on the A3072. As you descend a hill into the outskirts of the town the sports centre is on your right-hand side. Allow at least 1 hour from Exeter.

The entry now looks like being over 100, so get ready for a lot of fencing!! Any referees would be gratefully received...

-11th May 2004, 11:46
Ok I was slow the Entry form is also at:

-16th May 2004, 19:17
Well the sun shone brightly here in Yorkshire on a very good competition.

Hope you had a similar comp and similar weather, after all you did book it in advance.

Other than the obvious "everyone", who were the winners?

Who won the scooters?

-17th May 2004, 07:01
The sun was fantastic! shame to be indoors really - we should hold it in an amphitheatre next year....

It went very well - 104 entries. 1 scooter was raffled so everyone had a chance of winning it, and by sods law it was won by Truro's James Honeybone who was there reffing! No stitch up honest. As he's 13 we let him keep it! The winners draw scooter was won by Olivia Adebo. Every one of the 104 entries went away with at least a huge bar of chocolate, and the 32 medallists did even better! We spent about 300 on prizes (thanks to JDID MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT!).

The Computer was better behaved this year - one crash forced the Boys U11s to be done by parchment and quill, everything else was OK. We only had 11 pistes available, and with 8 age groups that was a squeeze....but we still got it all done by 6ish...Sorry to any1 who had to wait around for presentations.

Full results will be published here later today - just got collate them and upload the html files.

-17th May 2004, 10:54
Full results are now available at www.jonsalfield.co.uk/series

-17th May 2004, 12:17
LPJS Cornwall was really first class. Excellent organisation by really friendly and helpful people. All questions met with a smile and a friendly, accurate answer. The sun shone and the sky was blue. A really enjoyable day and hearty congrats to all involved and a big thank you from someone who made the 500 mile round trip. This was the best LPJS we have done so far - Proper Job!

(NB I do not work for the organiser, for Bude or Truro fencing club and am not related to any of the organisers!!!!!!!)

-17th May 2004, 12:25
Any chance of a LPJS Duel on the Beach?????

-17th May 2004, 14:14
LPJS Duel on the Beach? that would be real chaos...! I'm trying to do less work not more!! Thanks for you kind words Winwaloe - I'm not sure who you were, but I was the one glued to the computer....

I'm considering holding a cadet sabre event the day after the LPJS foil next year? What do people think about that??It does clash with the Tameside LPJS sabre, but we'd be aiming at an older market for this one.

Honest feedback v welcome.

-18th May 2004, 12:42
Tameside sabre was very small - only 1 U17 girl (and she was an epeeist) and 2 U17 boys.

I was brave - I refereed sabre. Wahay!

-21st May 2004, 13:45
"LPJS Duel on the Beach? that would be real chaos"

One man's chaos is another man's order! - I can tell you are an innovative type with a sense of humour - go for it!!! - Would even hire a coach to bring my lot down!

-21st May 2004, 15:00
Trust me, it's a bad idea. That wasn't a sense of humour it was resignation!

Seriously, the volume of work (and staff) required for the event on the beach is triple that of any LPJS. It's a nightmare, and only continues cos I'm stupid.

-21st May 2004, 15:07
Originally posted by tigger
It's a nightmare, and only continues cos I'm stupid.

All nearly everyone involved in organising fencing, thank goodness.

-26th May 2004, 13:01
Well they say that hard work never hurt anybody so you would be +++++++ve healthy!