View Full Version : Wooo Lotsa Birthdays

-22nd March 2004, 20:53
Woooooooo any one seen how many members birthdays it is today!!!

KarenDobbin (40), Urban Spaceman (35), Rust (18), James (18), Janusmalanus (26), galaxy7 (51), Ozzy (27)

Happy Birthday Y'all!!!

Happy 18th to James and Rust

-22nd March 2004, 21:59
oops. didnt realise that rust account still existed. its the first account i tried to create, but it didnt work. i changed my email before confirming it and when i when to confirm it from the email i received to my old address it didnt work.
what did everyone get up to for their b-days then? i've over eaten all weekend. when out friday to celebrate. 6 of us spent 123 quid on a meal. was not fun getting up for work for 9 saturday morning.

-23rd March 2004, 18:41
teehee! happy bday!