View Full Version : Whats the best value for money fencing wheelchair.

Barry Paul
-20th November 2012, 11:13
We are looking to source 8 wheelchairs for a European wheelchair fencing centre. (the facility is providing wheelchairs for the participants) As the wheel chairs are not being moved about weight is not an issue. The wheels chairs need to made so they can by ambidextrous by moving the side bar to either side. Also rugged as they will get a lot of use. Any recommendations or advice?

Let's Fence
-20th November 2012, 13:33
We just had local,company make a fencing wheelchair for one of our wheelchair fencers.

Good solid chair within regulations for a decent price can send you the details if you like Barry.

Barry Paul
-20th November 2012, 15:52
Please let me have details. You can email at work. Thanks

dick dastardly
-1st December 2012, 19:09
we could not find a sturdy wheelchair when we wanted one.

Ended up modifying a sports tennis wheelchair (quickhit)by Motivation costing less than 500
when the wheel camber was taken out the chair sits almost exactly at the right height. We have welded on a grab rail/bar but with bosses welded to the frame the bar from your fencing chair/barstool could be fitted.

The main advantage is it's made of steel and it's easy to modify and is repairable by almost any car garage......and has been.!