View Full Version : grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

iron maiden fan
-23rd March 2004, 14:17
check these **** eaters out

makes me wanna kill:mad: :mad:

bet they prefer football:gunner: :judge:

tsk tsk - swearing.


-25th March 2004, 09:54
On what level do you not like these people? They are geniuses! They are obviously fencers with a sense of humour. It is not a serious attempt to degrade fencing, it is simply healthy self-depreciation!

I especially like Casey on the Piste, it is a true epic!

-25th March 2004, 10:22
this is a great site, can'tsee what you don'tlike about it.

iron maiden fan
-25th March 2004, 11:25
sorry my bad, thought it was some idiots direspecting the great sport:confused: :confused:

-25th March 2004, 13:39
I think the fencing glossary is the best bit.

-26th March 2004, 10:39
The glossary is jsut so so true. I used to have a printout on my bedroom door until my house-mates decided to use it to light the BBQ with. I just havn't got orund to doing another copy yet. Oh well.