View Full Version : World Cup Results - Eger,Hungary

St George
-2nd December 2012, 13:15
Team GB has picked up at least one bronze medal (Mens Cat A Epee) and apparently another (in Mens Cat A Sabre) this weekend.

-2nd December 2012, 14:25
Sounds good news. Hopefully we can get more details ASAP.

-2nd December 2012, 14:42
Epee bronze was Piers Gilliver

St George
-2nd December 2012, 15:29
Sabre bronze was Tom Hall-Butcher. We also won team bronze in Mens Sabre.

-30th January 2013, 10:53
Wishing you all the best Tom your mom and Neil must be so proud of you...you have acheived so much, i remember you as a young boy and have a photo of you with my son Jono on your prom night. Have a fantastic time and enjoy every moment