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-23rd March 2004, 23:09
My coach, and the fencer at my club i look up to keep on telling me to "stay loose" I try as hard as I cant not to lock up when i lunge but i still do.

Anyone have any tips in how to stay loose, for a young asparing epeeist!


-24th March 2004, 16:14
Sounds really strange but: tense up!

To explain a little, when you notice you have tensed up across your shoulders or weapon arm elbow (usual places I go wrong), then tense those muscles up thoroughly, and then relax them. Tensing up first makes the difference so you can tell when they are relaxed.

Aside from that don't panic. This one just takes time to practice.

Just noticed you say specifically when you lunge. When doing footwork, make sure you extend your arm when you practice a lunge, as you would if fighting (on the previuos step if applicable). In the lunge position, if your shoulder (pobably) is tensed apply the above to relax it. Don't recover until you have relaxed the shoulder. You should get used to being lunged and relaxed (eventually).

-14th April 2004, 15:41
I feel like I'm digging up dead posts here, but...
Breathe! That is a big problem. People often get caught up in what they are doing so much that they actually forget to breathe. Pay attention to your breath and you may be tense because you aren't getting any oxygen anywhere.
If you find your self short of breath, but not physically tired, then its probably the case that you are not breathing quite right.
It sounds dumb, but its not at all unusual for this to happen. Remember: you can go 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without air. Its the most important thing you've got.

-23rd April 2004, 14:32
I used to be unable to do more than three press-ups due to inability to press-up and breathe at the same time. Took until I was about 20 to work out why! D'Oh!

-11th May 2004, 19:23
Some coaches actually grab your shoulder when they say that. Also, if you're too stiff, you'll actually stay in your lunge a second or so longer than you should, and you'll be fodder for a quick touch by your opponent.

-12th May 2004, 07:56
Try shaking off your whole body. For one of our young epeeists this has turned into a kind of "rag doll" dance, followed by us both laughing at ourselves, which seems to relax the mental tension as well as the physical.

-14th May 2004, 07:39