View Full Version : Move LogIn field?

-26th March 2004, 09:45
Would it be possible to move the LogIn field to the top of the page instead of having it at the bottom, where it is now?

Maybe it's just me being lazy but I think it's a bit akward to have to scroll down the entire page to reach the LogIn field...

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-26th March 2004, 10:54
My memory could be going as Prolog is frying my brain but I think someone asked this a long time ago and the answer was no because of how hard it was to start re-writing the VB layout or something.

Anyone that knows more about hacking VB than me (since I know nothign about it that's not hard), feel free to tell me I'm stupid and don't know what I'm talking about but I have a feeling that it's a pain in the ****. Unless there's a mod that you can install to do it.

-26th March 2004, 11:29
This has been suggested before but it is a tricky thing to do I am afraid.

It would make more sense to have it at the top and I am sure that it will be moved in subsequent versions of the software.

For the moment if you have a wheel mouse you can set the number of lines per click of the wheel to 5-10 and it saves you some of the hassle.:)

-26th March 2004, 12:56
No problems, I just thought I'd ask.


-3rd April 2004, 17:58
Is the page layout editable by you guys wingnut? if it is the login field should be easy to move just re-do the source a little

-3rd April 2004, 18:03
Having had a quick look at the source if you want i can send you the HTML which contains the login fields which can be added to the top of the page, I would assume.