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-26th March 2004, 19:00
I've been fencing for nearly 3 years and i've accumulated a fair amount of kit (2X epee, 2X foil, jacket mask etc etc). Having just ordered a whole bunch of extra stuff from LP I'm thinking it's getting a bit unweildy to carry in various non fencing-specific bags.

I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to where to get a nice bag, preferrably a rollbag (cos i'm a lazy git!) and one that won't cost the earth (would prefer not to spend much more than 100)

Is this just asking/expecting too much??

-26th March 2004, 20:59
i got the allstar duo for about 150 euro... completely worth it

-26th March 2004, 21:23
I like the LP bags, but the Allstar does look nice to.

-27th March 2004, 12:44
LP bags have served me well over the years but you do get the extra pocket on top with the A/S bags.

-28th March 2004, 09:14
I liked the look of the LP bags but they're just too expensive for my budget i'm afraid. The allstar ones do look good though, very annoying tht you can't order them over the internet though. Does anyone have the contact details of an allstar rep in Ireland??

-28th March 2004, 15:45
...but there is one in the UK: Allstar UK (http://www.allstar-fencing.co.uk/frameset_main.htm).

I'm sure they can arrange shipping to Ireland. Good luck!

-28th March 2004, 16:21
The Allstar roll bags seem to cost more than LP ones or am i missing somthing?

-28th March 2004, 16:41
Yea I noticed that too, very strange pricing from Allstar actually:
On their official site in germany (where you cannot order from overseas) the price of the Rollbag "DUO" is 145 but on the UK site it costs 123.38 (the equivalent of 185!!). I know this could be down to the cost of shipping etc, but that means that i'll effectively have to pay the cost of shipping twice over if i'm going to order!!

I will probably end up paying in excess of 200 for the bag... for that price i might as well get an LP

-28th March 2004, 19:26
try http://www.fechtsport-langenkamp.de

as far as i'm aware they onsell allstar/uhlmann gear for virtually retail price and do deliver worldwide

-28th March 2004, 20:00
Have you actually ordered from there? The prices seem good compared to allstar uk about 20% less and u can order all sorts of wierd sizes.

-28th March 2004, 20:33
Thanks for that aussie! Just having a look now:)

-29th March 2004, 07:50
Just got me a Duo Rollbag from PBT for 115 EUR, it's pretty much the same as Allstar. Although, the wheels are a bit too much for my trunk. Take your car to LP when purchasing one...


-29th March 2004, 08:55
V true. It is well worth checking the size of your boot before you buy as folding your rear seats down the whole time is a pain.

Rumours abound of a radical new wheelie bag on its way from LP. A semi rigid design of some sort with separate removable kit bags (between 3 and 5 of them) on the inside which you can pull out and carry seperately as needed.

This may however be little more than a rumour!;)

-29th March 2004, 09:00
Sounds good. Will it have enough pockets so son can keep his stinky T-shirts/underwear away from his even stinkier kit? Actually, that would entail organisation on his part, so it wouldn't work anyway. I, of course, could use such a bag perfectly - but then my kit doesn't get that huffy anyway.

Boo Boo
-29th March 2004, 09:15
Totally agree with being careful about the size of your rollerbag compared with the size of your car boot: LP rollerbags will fit into our car boot (without the seats down) - Allstar/Uhlmann bags will not....

(from a security point of view - you don't normally want to have your back seats down and your bag on view - most thieves would not pressume the bag to contain stinky kit...)


-29th March 2004, 09:24
ooo, nasty surprises, and just deserts

-29th March 2004, 16:01

how long do you think we'll be waiting for this this new bag??? are we talking months??? dare i hold off on buying one till then???
So many questions...:(

-29th March 2004, 17:40
Yeah sounds like a great design n a really good idea. Yeah my LP bag fits fine inour boot but most others don't and we have quite a large boot, Chrysler PT Cruiser.

-29th March 2004, 20:40
LP's fit cross ways in a Saxo boot, Allstar do not.

Boo Boo
-29th March 2004, 22:31
Reminds me, I need a new roller bag soon... I just keep forgetting to look at them at competitions and don't want to order one mail order (in case I get sent some attractive lime green, bright orange and rown combination....)


-1st April 2004, 23:49
i got a BG bag, it's pretty good fair sized can hold about 3 full sets of uniform if u condense, maybe more.

-2nd April 2004, 11:24
I have a signum and a LP roll bag will only fit diagonally in the boot, guitar type bags fit crossways - so will change car circa Oct for one with a bigger boot.

-2nd April 2004, 12:57
When I got this car one of the major checks was 'does the bag fit in the boot'. heheheh

-2nd April 2004, 15:55
But seriously Barry, when are we going to get to see this new bag? and how much bigger than the existing bag will it be (if at all)?

Barry Paul
-2nd April 2004, 16:54
Don't hold your breath, I have this design and idea for a year or so. I just need time to sort out the design, drawing and manufacture. Any way I have been told I am not allowed to design/make any more new products until I sort out production to ensure maximum of three day delievery. So earliest Christmas time. Barry Paul

-2nd April 2004, 19:00
Well alrighty then, guess you'll be getting an order for a regular rollbag pretty soon (as soon as i can scrape together the money that is!!). I've been delighted with LP products so far (ie all my equipment) so why change!:)

-5th April 2004, 16:18
Been a rollerbag or two on ebay recently. Always worth a look -

-6th April 2004, 17:22
After re-reading the brief from wingnut i sounds a amazing idea the first big step in bags since the creation of the wheel!!

-12th April 2004, 21:20
Originally posted by Tihon
Just got me a Duo Rollbag from PBT for 115 EUR, it's pretty much the same as Allstar. Although, the wheels are a bit too much for my trunk. Take your car to LP when purchasing one...


My friend has a negrini roll bag and there isn't a peice of wood to support the bag, so you can bend a bit to fit in boots. Its a nice bag good siize and everything. I'm geussing its like most negrini stuff expensive, but good.

-12th April 2004, 21:27
Ahh the reason bags are kept straight is because it stops blades bending and thus weakening, if you leave a blade bent for a while it will snapp easily

-12th April 2004, 21:33
The blades dont bend in it or anything i thinks theres a thick layer of foam or something, i dont go around inspecting peoples bags, just seen him bending it a bit to fit it in a car.

-12th April 2004, 21:36
Hmm ok as long as the blades arn't going to be weakened it sounds good i still like a solid body! oh yeah bits of wood in bags are good to.