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-27th March 2004, 03:01
Does anyone know where I can get a custom made heart shaped bell for a french foil that is engraved?

-27th March 2004, 10:10
LP might do if you ask them very nicley but i don't know what the rules have to say about them or is this a present for some one?

-27th March 2004, 11:44
m.5 - The convex face of the guard must have a shape and surface which is both smooth and not too bright. It must be so made that it can neither hold nor catch the opponent’s point. It must not have a raised rim.

Thinks this means that the heart shaped guard is out of the question, my thinking is that the V at the top of the heart might be considered to be able to "actch the opponents point". This is just my interpretation though, I could be wrong.

-27th March 2004, 20:42
my guess is, is that it wouldn't be used at a level with any weapons control ;)

-28th March 2004, 09:11
That's probably true. Actually as something to do last night i had a go at making one, wasn't actually that difficult. Just altered a guard i had lying around with a hacksaw and a few files and then "rolled" the edges to make it a bit stronger. I'm happy with the result anyway (and i'm pretty sure my girlfriend will appreciate it too):)

-29th March 2004, 12:15
I am very grateful!! thanks:)

-29th March 2004, 17:41
Well all bets are off on steve's girl frienmd then!

-31st March 2004, 01:39
Yeah, that was too easy!!:grin: