View Full Version : Epee Re-wiring.

-27th March 2004, 13:29
Hey all,

Does anyone have a nifty method of keeping the two damn wires together in the blade when wiring an epee?



-27th March 2004, 14:49
Hey Mesomphalos,
I've always found that if you keep the blade bent when rewiring that it keeps the wires in place and together. I've done a good few for my club and have a system set-up at home to make the procelss that bit easier

Hope this helps, happy rewiring:)

-27th March 2004, 16:15
I always re-wire with a bend to allow for flexing. However - they still don't fit together perfectly.

Any futher ideas/hints?


-27th March 2004, 17:25
Leon Paul make little plastic things ('Epee Rewire Jig') that hold the wire down in the forte. I don't have that much trouble as long as the wire is taut. Perhaps a dab or superglue or even blutack?

-28th March 2004, 09:19
I do "tack" the wire with superglue holding the wire in place with a cotton bud until it sets (bot a second or two) before i glue it up properly and it works perfectly.

Haven't ever used the LP rewiring jig, but i'd assume it's only usefull if you've got LP epees

-28th March 2004, 11:08
Cheers everyone!

I'll have a go at the tacking thing, and i'll have a look at the LP jig.