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-28th March 2004, 13:24
Has anyone tried the PBT superlight breeches? I'd like to move some of my heavier clothing eastwards, the cost and all - and I was wondering whether they were any good?

-28th March 2004, 20:07
I know Hokers has tried some supertight breeches.

-28th March 2004, 22:22

Just for the record I have now got some new breeches, which can in no way be described as being tight. (ulhmann world cup 800N as you asked) Nor are they grey (yet) they're beautiful pristine white. I still don't think the last ones were excessively tight...

-29th March 2004, 06:30
world cup 800N

Can in no way be describerd as elastic, can they? And I assume you two gentlemen have abandoned all pretence of dealing with the actual thread..?

-29th March 2004, 07:38
Accepted we took it off topic a bit, but I blame Roger really.

I have no experience of the new PBT breeches, otherwise I would be happy to offer my opinion.

Boo Boo
-29th March 2004, 07:47
Don't think that many people in the UK use PBT clothing (at least, I haven't seen many at competition wearing it...).

You might have more luck posting your question on www.fencing101.com/vb - more Americans might use PBT clothing...

(also had to look twice at the title of this thread...)

-29th March 2004, 08:22
I know a bunch of people who've got PBT Superlight stuff. They're happy with it.
The cut is very similar to Allstar kit.

-29th March 2004, 09:34
Thank you all.

-29th March 2004, 11:23
Superlight kit has certain negative points, as it hurts more when you get hit on the leg by someone who is not particularly co-ordinated, or if your octave parry is a bit wild and brings your opponent's sworn into contact with inside thigh! The heavier type of equipment has that advantage, even if it is less forgiving if you get bigger.

Depends what type of people you are fencing, and how brave you are I guess, I am a complete wuss.

-29th March 2004, 11:36
I'm assuming that you mean all kit meriting the quality of "superlight", not the PBT Superlight brand in specific?

-29th March 2004, 11:53
Yep, but all light stuff has less padding that the old bulky Kevlar, whose virtues I have been known to extoll in the past!

-29th March 2004, 12:10
the last two comps I have come out of them black and blue - have a bruise on my left shoulder the size of a tennis ball gained at yesterday's Irish Nationals

thinking about wearing one of those padded rugby tops under my lame'...!