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-31st March 2004, 17:42
ANybody got a full list of essential kit for an armourer. Got a good bit already but i'm just about to go nuts buying new stuff. Any suggestions from experience?

-31st March 2004, 19:59
I can only do Leon Paul weapons (because I don't have any other parts) but I use some of this:
Point screwdrivers, pliers and small wirecutters, the two types of tape (PVC/insulation and cloth/gaffer), point parts (springs and grub screws at least), allen keys, superglue, feeler gauges and weights for foil and epee, sabre rewire kit, file, knife cleaning block or similar (LP sell some other company's weapon-cleaning block that's quite good), knife, scissors, contact cleaner or lynx (depending what you have to hand), a cheap multimeter is handy (and actually cheaper than all the Leon Paul test boxes), but don't get the Leon Paul ohmmeter since it is a con (doesn't register resistances below 1K).
To rewire LP swords (presumably similar for others):
Heat gun or acetone bath to remove glue, chain with plumbers caps or similar (I've got bottle tops) to hold the sword bent while rewireing), and the wiring parts. Either you can buy complete wires, or you can buy lengths of wire and the parts. You need a soldering iron then to solder on the brass contact in foil, but you just push in the two brass pins in epee, then you need the two different plastic bits that go in the bases for foil and epee respectively. The foil and epee point applicator tools are very handy, as are the epee rewire jigs. You then need superglue or epoxy resin.
To cut and rethread weapons, you need a hacksaw and the appropriate dies and die holders, and lubricant?
A workbench and a bench-mounted vice is handy.
If your obsessive (like me), you'll need a ruler for measuring 15cm of foil tape from the base of the point.

-31st March 2004, 20:05

-31st March 2004, 20:06
Originally posted by Prometheus

s'pose somebody's got to do this sort of thing, though.

-31st March 2004, 20:17
It's a hard life, being an armourer (and there's certainly no profit in it!)

-1st April 2004, 06:38
Well i'm appreciative. Cheers goodbadandme, exactly what i needed

-1st April 2004, 07:41
I've found that the height of my breakfast bench is just about right for putting a good bend in a foil....just don't spill the super glue

-14th April 2004, 13:03
Try here


-15th April 2004, 12:26
Originally posted by goodbadandme
but don't get the Leon Paul ohmmeter since it is a con (doesn't register resistances below 1K).

Probably you'll find a better meter elsewhere (for the same money), but you won't want to measure resistances above 1k so the LP one is fine for the job.

-15th April 2004, 12:37
You can't measure (you can detect, but not measure a value for) a resistance lower than 1k, as the first graduation on the scale is for 1k. This makes it worthless as an fencing ohmmeter, although it can still be used to check for conductivity.

-15th April 2004, 15:11
Originally posted by sword_fixer
Try here


Good info shame that some of the pics don't work and there is ALOT of blank space

-15th April 2004, 17:14
Would realy appreciate some feedback on the websitte, several people where meant to review/advise, but no one has yet.
Any comments would be appreciated.

ps....The missing pictures havent been made yet


-15th April 2004, 19:35
Bearing in mind that I am a terrible proof-reader (because I usually find all the silly typos!), and just for the foil page:

Top of page:
"Please note that all advice is for information only and asumes (should be assumes) a basic familiarity with your weapon. Any repairs undertaken are at your own risk entirely.

On the second picture (counting the Guild of Armourers one as the first picture), you have the body-wire connected to the plastron, when you mean the lame?

Just below this:
"When the point is depressed and a new circut (should be circuit) is made by contact with the opponents lame, a "hit" light comes on."

This is ridiculously petty, but you didn't close the " marks after off-target in the next line...

Under recommended tools (wish list), you have a 'ohmeter', you mean an ohmmeter.

On the 'recommended' column, you say "Electrcal Contact Cleaner", you mean "Electrical Contact Cleaner"

Below the picture of the parts of the foil, you have "Continuous whtite(off-target)light", you mean "Continuous white (off-target) light".

Technically your "ARMOURERS TIP" should be "ARMOURER'S TIP".

In the paragraph:
"Maybe the problem is in the pointy end?

Remove the tape around the point and place the weapon flat on your work surface. Place one finger on the foil tip to prevent its loss( the tip, not your finger), remove the grub screws and dis-assemble the point. Select the lowest resistance scale and connect one probe to the end of the foil wire in the guard.Insert the other inside the foil point to connect with the brass ferule inside,taking care not to touch the sides of the barrel"
(You have not used spaces consistently)

"If the resistance is shown as infinate (should be infinite, there could be a break in the wire."

"If this has not helped you fix your problem, then we are sorry but we are unable to advise you further on line (should just be online). Please take your sword to a member of the Guild of Armourers. We are present at all UK major venus (should be venues and would be happy to look at it for you."
This section is repeated a few times throughout, so there are multiple instances of these mistakes.

Under 'Point Problems', next to 'Loose Barrel' you have "Intermitant white light" when you mean "Intermittent white light", you mispell intermittent again in the next line.

"Point Re-assembley and adjustment" should be "Point re-assembly (or reassembly, I'm not sure) and adjustment".

In this section, you write "If this hasnt (should be hasn't helped, then we are sorry but we are unable to advise you further on this problem."

Opposite the third (to-be) picture of rewiring:
"If you have a hot-air paint stripper, this part is easy. Grasp the end of the wire in a pair of plyers (should be pliers and heating the blade gently, pull the wire out of the groove of the blade."

Opposite the seventh picture:
"Pull the wire down gently towards the tang, making sure it is parralell (should be parallel) to both sides of the barrel base to prevent the insulation being damaged as it passes through the narrow hole. When the wire has fully passed through and the nylon cup is against the top of the barrel base, hold the blade in a vise (should be vice) and push the cup firmly down into the bottom of the barrel base using a point setting applicator or screwdriver."

I know, I have nothing better to do...

-15th April 2004, 20:52
Setting yourself up for a fall there, goodbadandme

"If the resistance is shown as infinate (should be infinite, there could be a break in the wire."

I think you missed a closing parenthesis. :tongue:

-15th April 2004, 21:05
Just checking...

-15th April 2004, 23:20
no offense...............................:sleep:

-16th April 2004, 13:39
Thanks for the tips.....I guess spelling is not my thing, but will correct alll sooon. I was realy wondering about content though, ie is the format usefull, what resourses it should include etc. The site will undergo a complete graphic change and needs a lot of work before it becomes part of the BFA or maybe LP website. However sleepmaking it may be, this site has not been publisised and still generates 1500 to 2000 hits per week, so I want to make sure its done right. With that in mind I would like to thank anyone in advance for any comments or critics they may make!

-16th April 2004, 13:47
[QUOTE]Originally posted by sword_fixer
[B]However sleepmaking it may be...............QUOTE]

It's not the site that is sleepmaking, as I am a total gearhead and a techy. It was the typo-correcting that made me woozy!! (Actually, I can read right through typos, as long as the subject matter is interesting!):)

-16th April 2004, 14:02
Most of the stuff is LeonPaul oriented( as most of my ref material is LP) Would it be as usefull in NYC? or should things be changed?

-16th April 2004, 14:07
Honestly, I see no reason to change anything. Fencing is universal, and weapons need proper repair and maintenance everywhere. I always read european websites for all my tips.

-16th April 2004, 14:32

Put those typos right I am sure there will be lots more.
Just checking, but there should only be two pictures missing...there are when I open it in my browser is this not the case when other people view it then?

-16th April 2004, 14:40
It still seems to have huge blank spaces

-16th April 2004, 15:06
UK45 Do you mean where the pictures shoul be, or just overall?

-16th April 2004, 15:20
I'm using Opera, and I don't see great big spaces (except for at the very end after the page has finished), but the central column doesn't fill the width of the screen (1024x768) for me. It looks fine, though. I don't get all the pictures though, although oddly one actually loaded when I right-clicked it and pressed 'load image'.
A lot of the links at the top of the page don't work though, as they are linked to your local files (C:\Documents and Settings\Dad\Desktop\Foil Site, which incidentally tells me both you use Win 2000 or XP, and that it's a family computer and your username is Dad :)) instead of the Internet ones, and obviously I don't have your hard drive at my disposal...

-16th April 2004, 15:20
Under the set of links (foil, epee etc.) but before the body

-16th April 2004, 15:24
If I were you, I'd search through your HTML for local links (C:\whatever\whatever links) and check them.
Another problem is that your links to go to different parts of the page from the top cause a new window to open, when you just want to want to reposition the current window.

-16th April 2004, 15:30
Originally posted by uk_45
Under the set of links (foil, epee etc.) but before the body

I've only got ~1 inch of space myself...

-16th April 2004, 16:04
I will work on this over the next few days. It seems I have messed up links all over the place!

Currently the only page up that is nearly complete is the foil, but I am working on the Epee one as well

Thanks Andrew and UK_45

-16th April 2004, 16:20
Nah found it i had some of my own html filters loaded :dizzy: