View Full Version : Lightweight pistol grip

-2nd April 2004, 21:23
Are there any plans to release a pistol grip made of the same lightweight "indestructable" plastic as the LP "crosse" grip? ...or a carbon fiber one for that matter? It just seems that at this stage the only non-lightweight item for an epee is the handle (if you want to use a pistol grip that is)

I know it's a minor issue (probably only a few grams) but with the LP obsession with the lightweight range I was just surprised that this sort of thing wasn't available already

-5th April 2004, 20:49
There must be a new meaning to indestructable if those plastic crosse handles are supposed to be.....
All I ever find them to be in uncomfortable

-6th April 2004, 00:01
one can always do what competitive cyclists do:
drill out the metal where there's little or no stress to reduce the weight/mass. While one's at it, one can also reduce the mass of the guard...

Of course, to do this properly one SHOULD have a drill press...

OTOH, if you reduce the weight of your handle, your epee will be more point-heavy unless of course you use an extra-heavy pommel.