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-4th April 2004, 13:06
Just wondered how many of you are goin 2 the York open on the 22nd and 23rd of May.

What is the standard???

Don't want 2 be the only one there yet don't want 2 get knocked out in the first round!!

I need more info!!!!!!!!

Post bk if yer goin n add me 2 yer list as i've just joined and i don't have any 1 2 chat 2!!!! :-(

p.s What is the Chad open and closed???

-4th April 2004, 16:26
Erm best person to ask is hayley or some one else from york. I think it's one of the smaller opens tho.

-4th April 2004, 17:52
Standard is poor as is the organisation. I wouldnt bother unless its just for experience/fun.

-4th April 2004, 17:54
LOL if its that bad i may just come over for it BE AFRAID YORK!!!

-4th April 2004, 19:08
Thanks for the advice guys!!

i'll probably give it a miss. I'm lookin for points not fun lol

where u fence aboot uk 45??

cyas !! :-)

-4th April 2004, 22:24
teehee! i ahve no idea! a lot of ppl form the leeds club will be going though i would think!

thankyou jambbo for answering on my part (have no idea bout it so thnx m8!)

-4th April 2004, 22:35
Erm i fence in chester it aint really that far to get there i'd get the train or summin like that quite easy and im guessing sabre will start at a healthy time. I still donno might give it a go i donnop, Ahhh choices!

-4th April 2004, 23:36
Originally posted by FRAZZLEfencer
i'll probably give it a miss. I'm lookin for points not fun lol

To give you an idea about how many points you could ge, I know someone who might be going for the epee (if he can be bothered) and if he does, he is likely to double the NIF to, erm, 2. :grin:

-5th April 2004, 09:14
WOW worth the 20 train fair then.. NOT

-5th April 2004, 11:32
Originally posted by uk_45
WOW worth the 20 train fair then.. NOT


it will cost me 40pound for accomodation alone then there is food, travel ect

I wish my town was more central to England!!! lol

Cyas!!! :-)

-5th April 2004, 18:15
Yeah as i say 1 NIF really going to be worth it aint it!

-7th April 2004, 10:28
Sorry to say.....don't do it.

-7th April 2004, 10:37
Further on this topic, whilst the event is not a regional, as an adopted Yorkie it makes me cringe to hear what people have to say about the comp. Ymit appears to do it all himself, and I'm not sure why - or am I....Given its geographical location, it could be an excellent comp if run well.:(

-7th April 2004, 11:32
Originally posted by PM1
Given its geographical location, it could be an excellent comp if run well.:(

I believe that it once was, on both counts.

-7th April 2004, 11:41
...so I'm told....sad, isn't it?? Do you know who used to run it??

-7th April 2004, 11:41
Used to be a well-attended, well-run comp. Sadly, these days I wouldn't touch it with a barge-pole. Horror stories abound.:(

-7th April 2004, 20:01
Care to elaborate? A long weekend in York seems quite appealing :)


-7th April 2004, 20:18
yes, especially with the local scenery!

-7th April 2004, 20:29
Originally posted by MrWizard
Care to elaborate?

My main gripe is that they have all 6 weapons on the same day on (as far as I can remember) 8 pistes. Even with the best organisers in the world, this would be chaos.

-7th April 2004, 20:35
8 pistes for all 6 weapons on the same day, they're having a laugh arn't they? what size is the hall?

-7th April 2004, 20:36
Hmm, my maths may not be too great, but that sounds like a bit of a tight fit :confused:


-7th April 2004, 20:38
8 pistes is normaly just enough for a local!

-7th April 2004, 20:44
It was a few years ago so I may be rembering incorrectly, but it cannot have been many more than 8. Anyway, I remember that the epee had 24 entries and we were split into 3 poules of 8(!). Fortunately, 3 entries were a mistake and by chance that was one per poule. Unfortunately there were only 2 pistes available for us so the 3rd poule only started after the first two had finished(!!). There's a calculation to test your maths. 7 fencers --> 21 bouts. Allow 5 minutes for each bout --> 105 minutes. Net result? Lots of waiting round for everyone.

-7th April 2004, 20:47
Yeah i mean boy only 8 piste im guessing it isn't sponsored by LP??

-7th April 2004, 21:53
LP have no connection so far as I know - Ymit is a Merlin man.

-7th April 2004, 21:56
Hmm i can't see merlin lending out as much kit as LP some how. Doesn't the BFA have a funding scheme for open comps to get equipment and hall hire?? as they would seem to be the problem here!

-8th April 2004, 00:54
Opens are free standing (no funding from the centre but the BFA does not take a cut from teh competions).

AFAIK Ymit IS Merlin.

-8th April 2004, 09:17
Ah ok that would explain a bit!!!

-11th April 2004, 20:11
Can i have some info on the York open?

I live near York and i wouldn;t mind entering...

-11th April 2004, 20:57
Take a look here (http://www.yorkfencingclub.cwc.net/) - there is a downloadable entry form under competitions :)


-11th April 2004, 21:40
I'd feel guilty if I didn't say this. Don't bother going. Wait for something else and travel the extra distance. I actually have points to defend and that isn't enough to convince me to turn up for it again.


-12th April 2004, 20:38
oh my god is it really that bad?
do any talented fencers go?

-12th April 2004, 20:41
From what i have read. the short answer is no.

-12th April 2004, 22:10
here's the results from last year, www.britishfencing.com/yorkopen03.html (http://) A whole 4 entries in ladies Eppe and they had to mix the entries for sabre.

-12th April 2004, 22:17
Hmm link doesn't seem to work,

When you say mixed with sabre they didnt fence sabreurs i asume:tongue: that would be bad organistion

-12th April 2004, 22:43
Copying and pasting the text seems to work. Fixed link (http://www.britishfencing.com/yorkopen03.html)

Totally offtopic, but is the winner of the mens foil the same guy who appears in CSI? Try here (http://join.whirled-peas.org/nick/) for all those who still can't get Channel 5... Talented guy ;)


-12th April 2004, 22:45
Intresting to see how no one from york FC seems to have entered and only a few from leeds!!

-12th April 2004, 23:03
Are they allowed to award points if the sabre is a mixed competition? :confused:


-12th April 2004, 23:07
I did foil there last year and was at least pleased to be able to say I finished 14th in only my second open........(do I have to mention that there were only 14 in foil??!?) :dizzy:

-12th April 2004, 23:10
Not sure on the points for a mixed

i wouldn't mention only 14 people or id say i made L16

-6th May 2004, 20:40
Would this be a suitable comp for me as a beginner?
(first season fencing epee)
I don't mind getting beat (much), but I wouldn't want to get in the way of all you experienced dudes . . .

-6th May 2004, 20:44
no no no get in the way!!!
its one of the best ways to learn - sometimes i go to comps to get a thrashing just to learn from it!!

-6th May 2004, 20:47
teehee, was thinking about entering this one! lol, then i realsied it was in exam time, and i dont think i really can be bothered, may enter on a whim nearer the time!!!!

then again its another day off work.........what the hell!!!! 3 an hour isnt really missing much is it?

-7th May 2004, 14:01
The answer is don't bother... and maybe the event will die allowing other people to set up a newer version...

As someone pointed out look at the number of Yorkshire entrants, and wonder why they don't turn up... mostly cos we don't like being shouted at, not to mention the fact that you never know what's going to happen, and god forbid you ask.

All 6 weapons on one day, usually ending up with the women mixed in with the men. 2 rounds of poules, the DE will vary somewhat, as the last time I did it only the last 16 got through, much to the surprise of the 20 or so other fencers who went home having wasted 3 hours waiting to be told that only the top 16 would go through.

Venues a bit scabby, no creature comforts available... like food or drink(!). The boxes usually breakdown... but its never there fault, even after you have isolated it to the box. Often have to endure the hard sell.

After the end of the event you don't get to take the trophy home with you(?) I seem to remember getting a small tombstone shaped thing (no expense spent). And the points were never submitted to the BFA. So in all it cost me a day... one which I would have much preffered to spend at home.

Which is what I have done ever since.

-7th May 2004, 14:05
Oh and I remember one event where the organiser allocated the medals wrong and refused to go back on his decision...

Oh and there is only enough trophies for 3 people... which means you have to fence off for third place.

I actually remember the organiser saying that the highest place vet couldn't have the medal because she had won it twice before, and promptly gave it to another vet, who was present.

The stories could go on for quite some time... but figure I might stop there(!)

-7th May 2004, 15:53
Blimey - wouldn't've thought you'd've let it rattle YOUR cage, BPB....errm - so why DON'T we set up a newer version ????? Different name (ish), whichever w/e this time of year you like, almost. You and me both can think of the odd good venue in the region, and what about the Armouries ??

Shall we speak on this next week, do you think?? I'm not above being unpopular with someone who has caused enough confusion in the past for too many, if that person did but know who I was, even.

riot in the region.....:mad: :mad: methinks it's giving us a bad name, fellow yorkies......

-7th May 2004, 23:47
erm again....I was told today by a good and generally reliable source that he had heard that the organiser had suffered a heart attack or 2 recently......but doubted that the competition would be given up. I know no more......but have asked the question at club tonight about running another comp locally, and was told that it had been talked of before, likely just epee to start with.....ho hum:confused: :( It will be raised again:)

-8th May 2004, 01:14
Somewhere on the East Coast Mainline - nice and quick to get to - hen I looked at going to York a few years ago you could get good deals on the trains (and get there and back in a day)

-8th May 2004, 09:12
Not sure about airing the dirty laundry in public... However, the question of a new event has been sitting in the back of my mind for a while... seems crazy having lost Grimsby and Huddersfield, that now our only remaining event is York and oddly the number of yorkshire folk there is dwindling with every year.

Figure the armouries would lack the proper facilities, and perhaps size. Its OK for some stuff, but I'm not convinced of its suitablility for an open event.

DJ had a few ideas on the subject, might be worth picking his brain.

Figure you're right on venues, though most will only take up to 10 pistes that I've seen. Which from a long term prospective might not be enough.

Figure my main concern is would people come?

-8th May 2004, 12:07
People will turn up if they know others are going to as well. Look further up the thread - the reasons people say not to go are:

- Lack of numbers, so lack of points
- Bad organisation/shouted at by organiser
- Lack of facilities at the venue

I would have thought there are enough on here for a reasonable turn-out if the date is good and it's pushed a bit.
Make sure you get John Ramsay to agree to it's being registered ( => points)
Get some efficient organisers (sorry - too far for me to volunteer :)
Decent venue over two days - this is probably the most difficult bit - a decent sized venue will cost - have you thought about one of the Unis, or asking the County/Region to sub the first event (and of course pick up profits...)

...and publicise it - make sure enough of the "right" fencers will turn up - possibly concentrate on a couple of weapons?

I dunno - it's always difficult to get something like this started, but it should be worth it.


-8th May 2004, 20:38
Must admit I had been having a number of those thoughts myself this afternoon, trying to work out the logistics etc. Think we might have to watch this space... :)