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-9th April 2003, 13:00
Is there any news on the new design for a handle? i heard from ****** you were making a new authopedic handle:shrug: :shrug:

(kingkenny Modified this as some of it is a bit cofidential sorry)

3 Card Trick
-9th April 2003, 15:34
When will you be supplying a "Boris" handle so us olduns' can score some hits again?:band:

-9th April 2003, 18:07
just cus u cant hit anything doesnt mean other "old" people cant.:grin: :rambo: :yoda: :fight:

-10th April 2003, 14:21
True i have seen many old people just hit barn doors;)

Barry Paul
-10th April 2003, 18:01
Sorry I cannot comment on any future crosse grip, but keep an eye on our website, it will be revolutionary.
I have ben working on some design concepts for a cranked lightweight carbon fibre french handle but I cannot get the solid straight box spanner in to tighten the nut.

-11th April 2003, 14:59
Get you with all the fancy lingo and stuff :grin:

-11th April 2003, 19:41
are the words box and nut to complecated for you "gold":grin:

-17th April 2003, 12:16
actually I been looking for a carbon fibre pistol grip, I found carbon fibre french grips but I can't seem to find carbon fibre pistol grips anywhere. :(

-17th April 2003, 12:41
The lightest weight pistol grip you can get is probably a plastic one but they feel prety cheap.
The problem with carbon fibre is that it is hard to mould into complex shapes. To get the full advantage of using carbon it needs to be wrapped around or inside a mold and then the mould needs to be removed which would be a seriously tricky operation with a complex shape.

Might be possible with a slightly simplified design. It would look seriously cool though.

-19th April 2003, 11:55
also why is that you can get maraging steam sabres, and you can get maraging steam epees, but I can't find a maraging steam foil anywhere? :(

-22nd April 2003, 15:46
Why would you bother with a maraging steam epee blade unless it's merely an unwired electric? In that case you can do the same with a foil.

Why would you bother with maraging sabre steam or otherwise?

-B :)

-22nd April 2003, 17:42
Yeah that's why I thought. Leon Paul does unwired maraging foil blades, but from what I'm told you can't just stick a rubber tip on the end and use it as a non electric blade. I'm not really bothered about the cost, I'll buy an electric one later, but unfortunately that's not an option that seems to be available

-6th May 2003, 17:32
Might I inquire what's a "Boris grip"? Is it what's known as a Russian grip?

For the record, I'm not old by I have immense respect for them

-7th May 2003, 10:49
You're obviously not old enough to remember Boris Onischenko, the Russian pentathlete who was caught cheating at the Olympics (by our own Jim Fox). His handle had a switch in it so it registered even when a hit had not been made. See Richard Cohen's wonderful book "By the Sword" for further details.

-7th May 2003, 11:16
Oh... I've heard of him... I think he lived happily ever after, didn't he?
When I first heard the story, I thought he'd had ended his life somewhere teaching Fencing to Inuit in some part of arctic Russia, but I was told that no such dire consequence ensued.
Does anyone know?

3 Card Trick
-7th May 2003, 19:29
With skills like his, "Taxi Driver", might have been appropriate, think what he could have done to the meter!:grin: