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-5th April 2004, 20:54
While getting ready for passover today I was bored so I was listening to my music and staring at a exstention cord ( for some odd reason). Then an idea occured to me that you could use exstention cords for cheap reels just add sockets to the end and it words. They have everything A wire B Wire and a grounding wire. This could be a cheap reels. Anyone out there every tested this or think this idea is good enough to tell ?


-5th April 2004, 21:45
In all theroy it work must make sure it is the kind that pulls the wire back in but wud save you a couple of hundrad pounds!

-5th April 2004, 23:37
without much knowledge of electricty, etc., using extension chords for ground wires which connect the reel to the machine - which is what i presume you're talking about, not as reels - is an overkill not to mention more expensive. The gauge of an electrical extension chord is much greater than a ground wire requires. You can go to an electronic hobby shop and buy similar guage wires and it'd be cheaper than an equal length extension chord.

Why pay for the parts you don't need - the plug and socket?


-6th April 2004, 16:25
No I think hamley was talking about using a sprung extension cable as a spool and i cant see why if you re plugged and socketed, it wouldnt work, You may have a slight problem with high resistance

-6th April 2004, 17:52
don't resistence and the gauge of the wires have an inverse relationship? i.e. the smaller the gauge - i.e. the thicker the cable - the lower the resistence?

There are cable-bungee reel systems available for sale. Why reinvent the wheel just to save a few quids?


-6th April 2004, 17:59
I worked it out its like erm 200.

but im sticking with REAL spools!

-27th April 2004, 11:42
Barry will be relived!!