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-22nd June 2013, 07:34
Only a few weeks to the World Championships in Budapest.

Looking forward to who is selected and which teams.

Good luck to everyone who is selected.

-1st July 2013, 15:36
Team now announced on BFA site.

Only one of the European Championships team misses out for the World Championships.

Good luck to all those selected.

Only WS omitted completely. WE, WF and ME one fencer per weapon.

Looking forward to good results in August.

-1st July 2013, 20:27

-1st July 2013, 20:54

Well done to all selected.

In particular the MS guys. Great to see them selected for the individual and Team. No more than they deserve.

-1st July 2013, 22:54
Pleased :D

-3rd July 2013, 17:59
Well done to all selected

Great to see such depth in the sport when we can get teams without the 4th, 5th & 6th in the rankings... (I'm thinking MS) Showing 0 International Points from 0 competitions.

I'm not saying that the 4th selected athlete isn't a good fencer - was just a shock not to see our top 4 ranked International Fencers in the Team for the Worlds, especially when they are also the top 4 domestically ranked fencers too.

Just sayin

-3rd July 2013, 19:25
Well done to all those selected.

Good to see some young talent getting valuable experience. Bodes well for the future.

Men's Foil looking very good!

-2nd August 2013, 12:12
The team fly out tomorrow.

Let the cheering and support for the team begin!!!