View Full Version : epee clubs at easter

-7th April 2004, 13:00
Hi guys, does anybody know which epee clubs are open in London tonight??? I know thames and Hfc are closed but i need to do a bit of training (no not for the Birmingham)

Naughty foilist
-7th April 2004, 14:19
Wimbledon is running at the Ursuiline Crescent road, Wimbledon tonight. I know we're not a specifically epee club but I'm sure Mr Buzwell would appreciate another target as would his 'little' brother.

-8th April 2004, 00:51
And a very impressive new venue it is - even if we did end up drinking in the wine bar bit of a perfectly good pub afterwrds.

Naughty foilist
-8th April 2004, 09:05
Thank you chaps for coming along. It was great to see so many people this close to Easter.

If anyone goes down with my lurgy though I offer my grovelling apologies in advance. I tried not to sniff or sneeze anywhere near another fencer. Needless to say I'm not fencing on Saturday in Birmingham, but I'll be cheering people on. :dizzy: