View Full Version : Uhlmann/Allstar gear

-7th April 2004, 15:01
Has anyone ever ordered stuff from:


They sell Uhlmann/Allstar quite cheaply compared to the UK reps.:grin:

I was just wondering if they were any good, what their delivery times were like etc?

-8th April 2004, 08:26
They're simply a supplier for Uhlmann/Allstar. You cuold just as easily buy from the companies direct. But it's a very nice site indeed.

-8th April 2004, 08:49
Yes very nice site, Shame that to make the english page they simply ran the site through a translater, There some intresting translations for example what we would read as: coloured Lame, Mens; has been translated from german to read: Lame for coloured men:confused:, or somthing like that.

-8th April 2004, 09:58
A warning about buying from Allstar abroad. If you attempt to buy stuff from Allstar (ie Allstar Germany) they will simply reject your offer and tell you contact the uk distributor.

-10th April 2004, 15:41
Well the reason i was looking at tyhis site is becouse the Allstar german site won't shio outside of Germany but these ppl will. And as i said it's alot cheaper than buying from the UK dealer... especially seeing as i'm in Ireland!

-11th April 2004, 15:42
I agree. As a matter of fact I'm ordering kit from them at the moment. (It has not arrived yet) Even with the weak US $, I'm saving over 50%!! (And that's including shipping!!)