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-8th April 2004, 17:14
Recently someone gave me a BF FIE epee blade. When i went to put my grips on they none of them fitted because I didnt have enough room to attach the hex nut.

Is there anyone to exstend the tang ?

P.S. im pretty sure its called the tang....
If im wrong could someone also tell me what its really called



-8th April 2004, 23:07
It is called the tang - I can't think of nyway to extend it - unless all the thread has been sawn of, it should take a pistol grip (or the extra long Leon Paul french grip).

-10th April 2004, 03:18
Cutting the tang too short for the grip you're using is one of the real "Oh, S**t" mistakes you can make while armoring, because there's no easy way to make it right. In your case, it probably wasn't a mistake, but rather the blade being cut for a different grip. Unfortunately, there's no "standard" tang length for pistol grips-- the tang length required for a full-size belgian grip, for example, is longer than for a small italian visconti.

Your options are:

1) Switch to a different grip that doesn't need as long a tang. Some manufacturers have the shoulder a bit deeper in the grip than others, so a belgian from company B might fit on a tang that's too short for a belgian from company A.

2) Cut down the front of the grip to make it shorter. In truth, a lot of fencers use pistol grips that are too long for their hands, and would benefit from cutting them down. You typically want the lower body of the grip to sit fairly well forward in the hand, enclosed by the fold of the fingers, with the neck just long enough so that the thumb comes up to the pad.

3) Use a large drill bit (just matching the inner diameter) to drill the channel deeper. The issue here is that the casting of the shoulder that the nut rests against needs to go down deep enough that you don't drill it away completely.


-10th April 2004, 15:44
I had the same problen with an epee of mine that my new LP handles were too long for. All i did was cut down the front of the grip like neevel was describing... works a treat:)