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-11th April 2004, 15:32
(flip side of the coin?)

Just got back from the ecole polytechnique challenge in Paris. First of all a big shout out to everyone who was their - esp the NOTTINGHAM team (woot!) and to ULU :grin:

This competition is held by the French military school every year, and it is always a fantastic event. It is an incredibly friendly and spirited team event with an impressively high standard of fencing. Food and board is paid for by the french, and the event ends with a champagne buffet!

I don't think I've had so much fun at a fencing competition in a long long time!

The Brits definately made a good impression, not only for our fencing prowess :confused: :) but also for being really good sports. We were the first to the bar and the last to leave on most nights, but also the first to the venue and the only team to turn up in full at 8 am through to the end. We were called upon to referree a violently disputed epee quarter final between the Russians and the Italians, and many Brits were good natured enough to help out with reffing the womens individual comps as well.

The Nottingham Mens team made the L4 out of an impressive field of 20 teams and lost to a team that had several french internationals in, 45-42. Congrats also to Molly who came 2nd in the womens sabre (wahoo!!!) and to all our fencers for fencing their socks off.

The standard really was very high, and the fencing was great! What really made it special was the social side and I think that it was really good to see so many people from so many different countries get on so well.

Anyways, I'll stop rambling now as I'm sure that it's boring you. Just wandered if any other Uni's do similar events, or if anyone else has any amusing Paris stories...

I have some wicked photos and mini-fencing-video clips if anyone wants to see them.

xox :transport

-12th April 2004, 15:09
We ruled all! Flipside of the coin indeed. One of the Italians actually commented on the "legendary British sense of fair play" during Molly's DE. Too bad he got the sharp end of the Russian "sense of fair play" in the semis...

Despite the obvious, I must say that was the best one so far and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The debauchery on the Friday was spectacular; if only I'd had a dress shirt with me.

AND you missed the battleships extravaganza! The Paris team got well into it and were taking on all comers. The most fun EVER with four bottles of champagne, two broomsticks and a very drunken group of soldiers. Fnah.

If anyone else is interested in attending, the tournament has a website at:


-12th April 2004, 18:25
What an interesting web site, and it sounds a brill comp - can any uni/college go??

And why can't we do something like this here - or do we??

Dave Hillier
-14th April 2004, 14:41
The LIUF run by UCL is the nearest thing that we have.

-14th April 2004, 15:03
Just browsing the main site of the Ecole Polytechnique and came across this:

Teaching sports at the Ecole Polytechnique

Sports is a prerequisite for every student. They may choose from among 16 sporting activities which they practice for 6 hours a week. Just like any other regular course, sports activities are assessed and graded by professional teachers, attentive to the progress of the students.
The school’s teams are made up of its best athletes. They take part in the intervarsity competitions which take place every week. Sports is also mandatory when students take the entrance examination to the school. However, there are no sports scholarships at the École Polytechnique.

Compulsory sport at Uni. Excellent!
I bet the French aren't selling off school sports grounds to builders left right and centre either.

These statistics (http://www.bbc.co.uk/health/yourweight/whatis_stats.shtml) suggest that the French may have the right idea... simplistic, I know, but it gets the point across.

-14th April 2004, 15:52
Now that University in the UK is being treated more and more as utilitarian and vocational in outlook (even thought students spend all their time drinking ;) ) the importance of sport is doubtless decreasing all the time.

But the obesity statistics might be skewed by the French obsession with looking good :rolleyes:

-15th April 2004, 22:04
Ooo, the first time I've been back in ages, and I find a thread I can actually informatively contribute to...

Paris is based on the idea of two main competitons - the original international student competitons that have managed to stay running for almost a decade are the JOGU Cup in Mainz, Germany (usually held around November) and their Sister tournament, LIUF, the London International Universities Fencing Tournament, held at UCL. It's great to see so many other universities doing similar things!

For anyone who's interested (and anyone who's not), LIUF is on 5th and 6th June this year - the website is http://www.fencing.uclu.org/LIUF2004_info.htm for a downloadable entry form and information pack.

We usually get people from France, Germany and Switzerland over at least...last year's was quite good I think :-)

Not that I'm biased or anything...:grin:

-16th April 2004, 11:06
Originally posted by rory
[B Compulsory sport at Uni. Excellent!

Thats a superb idea, you'd end up with a very strong sports team. Wonder how much it would damage the number of applicants to the uni though. I'd love having six more hours protected sports time but I know a lot of people who wouldn't be amused.

-16th April 2004, 11:22
To be fair, there's very little that's compulsory at Uni. My degree has about 7 hours of contact time a week. Out of that, 1 hour is for tutorials etc that you're really supposed to go to, but I've missed them in the past, and no one has minded. I'd guess that it would be more successful at 6th form colleges etc, but as you say, a lot of people might be put off by it; you'd need to incorporate a lot of sports into the programme to ensure that there was something that a large number of applicants would want to dedicate 6 hours of their time to.

-17th April 2004, 03:36
He he! So I hear, not quite as glamourous as Paris though, for us Brits I mean, but definatly a cool comp - think we're sending a team this year as well.

Toying with the idea of entering the one in Germany, three fencers, one epeeist, one foilist and one sabreur, and one of them has to be a girl!

Sounds like wicked fun ;)

Winton this w/end, team comps all the way... :tongue:

-17th April 2004, 09:38
Hooray! :party:

Advertising does work!

Apparently the download link for the entry form on the website doesn't work, but I'm fixing it tonight. I bet nobody's looked at it anyway....

-17th April 2004, 14:29
Lucy, do u want an electronic form? (ie you don't have to print if off, all done electronically)

-17th April 2004, 15:19
Ooo that might be nice actually....

How do I do that?

-17th April 2004, 15:46
you mail me, I write it and mail you the ncessary :P