View Full Version : AECO LONDON - Help with student business !

-2nd October 2013, 12:58
My name is Tom Drew; I am part of a small, student run company called Aeco London. The company started to help run our first Fencing society through our university.

We are looking to expand our company, with a section called Aeco Eco, where we are going to make objects from recycled fencing equipment. This is why I am contacting you today. Us as Aeco, would like to ask you, if you have any waste or broken fencing equipment. Any broken helmets, broken swords, Worn out clothing, ect. Please do not throw them out, Aeco would love to take this broken/worn out items of you, and give them a second use.

If you could help us out, by giving us your broken equipment, rather then throwing it away, we would be very grateful.

If you could also get back in touch with me as soon as possible, because we have a deadline to meet this Aeco Eco Project.

Thank you for reading my email.

Kind Regards

Tom Drew