View Full Version : Code of conduct?

-13th April 2004, 02:01
I'm not entirely sure if there already is one, so forgive me for my lazyness, but I was thinking that perhaps the forum should have some kind of clear code-of-conduct. Society hasn't really come up with a way to deal with IRC yet, especially when it is in an (excellent) forum like this. A code of conduct might help everyone to communicate more effectively and prevent causing/taking of offense. Anonymity and the feeling that you can distance yourself from what you are writing and who you are writing to seems to bring out the worst in some people, or elicit strange reactions in others. We all react differently to language when there is no tone or facial signifiers to accompany them. This really is a new form of language, with it's own conventions and rules, perhaps we should all think more carefully about what is acceptable behaviour and what is not.

I'd recomend David Crystal's Language and the Internet for reference as it is probably the most recent and authoritative book on the subject and deals with the issue directly.

Just a thought. Feel free to ignore me.


-13th April 2004, 11:20
click on the Forum Guide link at the top of the page?:shrug:
BTW your diary is fascinating and picture of the melon on the cat pretty cool.