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-13th April 2004, 16:04
A small news article with a few photos has been added to the LP site at http://www.leonpaul.com/news/big_news_story/science.htm

-13th April 2004, 17:05
The link above is broken, but get rid of the '.' at the end and it works.

The page has some great pictures on it, but you might want to fix the misspelling of "science" in the heading... :)

Looking forward to Thursday, when I'll be there!

-13th April 2004, 19:40
Is this really going on till september?

-13th April 2004, 19:42
ahh i see the fencing is only there for two weeks

-13th April 2004, 20:13
Ok i know this is alot of posts here but:
In the article how have the three score boxes been linked??? or is it simple a case of using a remote to change all of them?

-14th April 2004, 08:33
You may also want to fix the misspelling of the word "Museum"... :)

-14th April 2004, 08:58
The miss spelling and occasional faulty grammar on the LP site seem to have become part of its charm, don't you think ?? We all take our turn in perpetuating the problem on here, even when not in text speak mode....:rolleyes: ah me....

-14th April 2004, 09:28
Thanks for your support PM_1!!

I have corrected the link however the spelling mistake can stay for the moment.

I am afraid that the speeeling mistakes on the site are going to stay untill Macromedia add a decent UK spell checker to Dreamweaver!

The boxes in the photos can be linked quite easily to act as repeaters/scoreboards.

-14th April 2004, 10:22
...your weelcum

-14th April 2004, 13:55
Dreamweaver hey i had a play with that does seem nice, all my sites a written in HTML and flash now (liking flash a lot for menus) so i make the most typos in the world as most of my posts can tell you!

-15th April 2004, 11:16
Fantastic news!

How long has the showcase at the science museum been running? - there are no dates on the Leon Paul site - will it have finished by the time we all get the information?

Might it have been a good idea to put details in the last edition of the sword, or send details to (at least) all London-based clubs / schools?

-15th April 2004, 11:22
OK - have found thread elsewhere in the forum - have clearly been asleep for the last few weeks as everyone else seems to know - please assume last sarky comment retracted (sorry!)

-15th April 2004, 12:06

-15th April 2004, 12:46
Yep it was on just about each board in the forum.

-16th April 2004, 11:01
And it was a pretty fantastic event to be involved with. Like to thank all Guildford Fencing Club members who came yesterday, Tiger Swords and the extra fencers - Dimitri, Gary, Elli, Keith and the other lady fencer who I'm afraid I don't have a name for. Thanks everyone for turning up yesterday and making our day a great success. Special thanks for those members who helped us carry all the equipment back to the car.

-16th April 2004, 12:01
By the way, I believe the annual ULU-Oxbridge match is on today from about 3pm.

Or at least I hope it is seeing as I'm in it! :)

-8th November 2004, 23:46
Pictures (over 290) of em are available at


(These are actually from science museum II. The pictures are by Aaron - Clockity on the forum)