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-15th April 2004, 21:33
I recently received a Frances-Lames bladed weapon (electric) which does not function. The wire and tip appear to be ok, body wire was ok. I called the manufacturer back, they said they might have put a Sabre 2-prong socket on it instead of a foil one. This might be the case, but without a sabre weapon around I can't tell the difference. (It looks like any foil socket to me) What is the difference electronically between the two? Is the sabre socket insulated on one side?

Also, anyone else out there have Frances-Lames blades? most fencers at my club use PBT blades. This Lames blade is pretty soft and light, it flicks nicely (if you are into that kind of thing..).
The PBT blades I have used are nice, more affordable as well.

-15th April 2004, 22:21
Sabre in guard sockets are shorted; as there is only one connection to the blade it you get me.

-15th April 2004, 22:35
The two most common ways of shorting the two connectors on 2-pin sockets to make suitable for sabre use are:

1. Use conducting rather than plastic insulation bushes.
The bushes look like spacers and on foil 2-pin plugs are clearly plastic but on sabre versions are metalic and therefore short the two connectors. So look at the bushes (spacers) and try to decide if they are metallic or plastic. If they are metallic it means you will have to find a generous armourer who can give or sell you plastic insulating bushes to replace them with.

2. Connect a small piece of wire between the two terminals.
Look at the back of the socket and if you see a piece of wire conecting the terminals your luck is in and all you need to do is remove it and you have a foil 2-pin socket.

Hope this info helps.

-16th April 2004, 15:10
It was a foil socket, not sabre, thanks for your help. I hooked it up to a multimeter, it looks like there is a problem with the barrel. I'm sending the blade back.