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-16th April 2004, 22:43
I've been looking over some of my dads old fencing kit recently and I was amazed to find that it hasn't been obliterated by moths and that the buttons which are on it are all originals with the original thread they haven't ever needed to be re-attatched and after a fairly vigourus tug they stayed attatched.

I'm wondering what level of protection those old jackets gave?

It's a side buttoning Leon Paul Epee jacket with white plastic buttons in the catalogue the description says "32 Long Epee, mens championship qual. extra strong white shrunk 13 oz linen, double front and sleeve, button fastening" He's still got his breeches as well but a couple of buttons have fallen off and the metal buckle things at the bottom of the legs have either rusted or come adrift still for equipment that old you've gotta admit it's impressive (which is why I always use leon paul equipment).

I also found out that my dad got his kit sometime around the late 60's for 6 pounds 15 shillings and 0 pence (I found the catalogue recently) is it just me or have prices really gone up:(

-16th April 2004, 23:01
I'm not saying the prices have gone up I think its just the prices have moved with inflation and the cost of living!! ...... mean i can't really say ..mean jeez im only 30!! but going on an old conversation with my mum a while back she was only earning about 15 per week wages back in the late 60's early 70's then!! so if you really worked it out they were basically paying the same amount for kit as we are today

-16th April 2004, 23:12
I know but it's nice to dream about being able to get all new fencing equipment on a weeks wages.

-27th April 2004, 11:37
One of the fencers over here actually uses that sort of jacket, he's about 14.

-27th April 2004, 11:37
But it was the only one he could borrow.