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-11th February 2014, 13:27
Does anyone know of or can point me into the correct direction for exercises that can be done to prevent injury?

I have had issues before about spraining my ankle and I know that others in teh club have done the same thing. Any advice is appreciated.

-11th February 2014, 21:25
"Writing the alphabet" with your foot (when you're sitting down, leg extended) can strengthen the ankle, I've found. Also, toe raises (one set of 10, holding at the up position for two seconds, feet pointing forward, one set with them splayed out a bit, one set with toes pointing inward) has also been helpful for me.

-- Laura

-11th February 2014, 21:40
No amount of conditioning makes up for poor footwork technique. Find a good coach to teach you good fencing footwork and practise until it's second nature. Don't underestimate the importance of learning the basics well - you will be a more successful fencer in the short term and in the long term it means you are more likely to still be able to fence well into your golden years.

-11th February 2014, 22:11
Is it your front ankle that is the problem?

Key is technique as if you keep your foot straight (not turned inwards) and do not allow your knee to roll past your knee when en-garde or in the lunge, then you massively reduce the strain on the ankle & knee, so reduce the chance to get injured.

-12th February 2014, 14:35
Just to add to what everyone is saying, get someone to film you doing footwork. Either in a bout or just as a general exercise and analyse your technique. Are you're knees bent? Is the front foot pointing forward? Are your steps too big? etc. At the end of the day Fencing is as safe as houses, more injuries occurred during the Olympics in swimming than did in fencing. Same can be said with badminton: http://bjsm.bmj.com/content/47/7/407.full
That said if you and the people around you are happy with your technique then go and try things such as wearing another pair of socks, etc and possibly seeking medical advice. Hope that helps.

-14th February 2014, 12:49
Thanks for the comments everyone.

My foot problems tend to occur because I have a high arch and tailers bunion that I do not want to get surgery on.
I actually had it so bad on my left foot that I had to get surgery on it.

Now, since everyone has mentioned shoes, what should would you recommend for someone with high arches?