View Full Version : Mistake in the Sword

-9th May 2003, 14:50
Please note in this issue of "The Sword" the Cambridge competition informatin should have read:

"October 11th 2003 Cambridge Leon Paul Foil (Sunday) - B & G Foil U1l, 13, & l5 —Geoffrey Grimmett, 108 High Street, Melbourn, Royston, Herts SG8 6AL - camlp@grimmett.org.uk "



-9th May 2003, 23:25
speaking of the sword (i know, wrong thread) we've not received our copy yet........:confused:

-10th May 2003, 09:59
I've noticed a few time, that i've not recived a copy of sword when it's been sent out.

-10th May 2003, 23:29
We've now got one from friends who get 2 at atime ( 2 memberships in the household), but I'll give them a week and then email them- the results are on the back of the entry forms nd I've just cut me boy's name out.....:mad: :mad: