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-19th April 2004, 15:14
Ok starting to think of gap year plans, its still a long way off, and i want to try and tour EVERY club in the UK has any one tryed this or got info?? Please help any thing will do!

-19th April 2004, 15:16
hmmmm yes that would be fun!

-19th April 2004, 15:17
Wanna join me hayley?

iron maiden fan
-20th April 2004, 07:51
come to llantwit:grin:

-20th April 2004, 10:34
If you really want to fence in that way I would suggest travelling france, germany, hungary or somewhere like the us - that way you get both the 'joy' of different clubs and also get to do the travelling bit and learn about other countries (and get better at fencing)

-20th April 2004, 11:45
good idea!!!
i want to do that in my gap year too!!! (long way off though-im only 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

-20th April 2004, 14:31
That sounds kinda groovy!? I only got 1 year left then i might try that!

-20th April 2004, 15:55
Well ok truth out im in year 11 (GCSE exam year and 16th birthday year) and this is only a idea at the moment, the problem with other countries for me is a suffer from a middle ear condition meaning long travelling is painful (any trip in which ones ears wud pop) how ever i spose this pain only last a few days a week tops so abroad could be fun, but i mean in the UK i could see most of you guy :tongue:

-20th April 2004, 19:15
hmmmmmm id love to join u! but im not doing a gao year so that kind of ruins it doesnt it?

-20th April 2004, 19:17
It would be a problem lol

-20th April 2004, 19:27
teehee! just abit!

plannign on joining a uni fencign team, and watchign their team calibere go down hill!!!!!!!!!

i have no fiath in my self!

-20th April 2004, 19:33
You should do! I'm sure your a very good fencer! Anyon that hayley has beaten should tell us here! In fact...we could start a new thread :tongue:

-20th April 2004, 19:38
haha! i dont think that thread would last long. theres not many people who i have beaten!

-20th April 2004, 19:43
lets see then!!!

-20th April 2004, 19:45

-21st April 2004, 12:07
yea start a new thread im interested mine wouldnt be many people at all!!!!!!!!

-30th April 2004, 07:56
Forgive me, but thats true!

-21st June 2004, 11:56
EVIL *****!!!!!! nah, itz true. im a **** fencer. im probably the worst one you can get. y the hell didnt i inherit my dads good fencingness (is that a word?!)??!

-21st June 2004, 12:18
I don't think fencing is genetic...

'Ah, you have the Golubitsky gene!'

It only runs in families because then the younger fencer has a chance to go to competitions, to train up e.t.c.
And will generally be more motivated, if they like fencing.

-21st June 2004, 12:44
Well the Pual family hav't done badly.

-21st June 2004, 12:48
But you can't just say that's because they had good genes. I'm sure they all trained very hard to get where they are today. But they could train together, and this is an advantage.

-21st June 2004, 12:54
Yeah i agree with that.

*note to self train harder*

-21st June 2004, 15:03
hmmm, would someone like to lend me some motivation to be used all the time?

-21st June 2004, 21:38
Get good, get a little money, get on eurosport!

-22nd June 2004, 19:27
howz that going to help me?????????

-22nd June 2004, 19:28
Ok i'll give you a tea cake when you do!