View Full Version : Your off-season training recommendations? (Sadly, sans fencing)

-5th May 2014, 20:24
I'm an épée fencer with ambitious goals but am frustrated by how life gets in the way of fencing. Specifically, from June to late August I will be in NE Brazil away from fencing, taking intensive classes, and will probably not have access to a gym.

Can you give me your recommendations for a make-the-best-of-it training program (that does not include gym)?

I'm horrified at the idea of falling from my current peak state into atrophy.


Cyranna's Father
-5th May 2014, 20:48


-5th May 2014, 21:32

Other opinions, especially fencing-specific?

-5th May 2014, 21:53

Other opinions, especially fencing-specific?

Plyometric exercises are easy enough to find on the internet and great for Fencing. http://www.brianmac.co.uk/plymo.htm

-6th May 2014, 02:30
Yes, I already have a plyometric routine. This is what I'm beginning to crosstrain with for my normal week:

A Squat 5x5
Plyometric pushups
Power skips

B Alternate power snatch / clean and jerk 5x5
Bench press 5x5
Box jumps

C Deadlift 1x5
Military press 5x5
Body row
Jumping Lunge

So I have basic ideas about fitness down. I was hoping more to hear about what other people really do when they must travel but are still committed.

-6th May 2014, 15:50
When I was fencing in my youth, I trained in karate (shotokan) during the close season. It helped maintain strength, flexibility, and general fitness levels.

You're going to be in Brazil. Take advantage.


Over the years the Capoeira guys I've trained with have been some of the fitest and most flexible. They were also a fun bunch of guys.

Hey, when in Rome do as the Roman's do!

-6th May 2014, 15:53
Excellent advice, John!

-6th May 2014, 19:10
I don't want to sound like an old school fencing coach but practice footwork. :D

-6th May 2014, 20:16
Wow! Love the Capoeira YouTube link. I have seen it before but never knew what it was called although at my age I fear 5 minutes of Capoeira would result in 5 weeks at the chiropractor. On a serious note, I agree with 'gethylogic' that footwork is something that can be done anywhere in endless combinations although I would not necessarily recommend step, step, lunge, recover and flèche up to the hotel reception until you have been checked in for a few days.......

-10th February 2015, 05:31
On a serious note, I agree with 'gethylogic' that footwork is something that can be done anywhere in endless combinations.