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-22nd April 2004, 17:49
I'm in the process of converting from french to pistol grip. This leaves me with a problem - what do I do with my existing, newish LP maraging foil blade?

I have actively considered chopping off the end of the tang & threading it up to take a pistol grip, but the tang is somewhat wider in diameter than the hole in the die (and in the pommel-nut). Which suggests I'm going to have to find some way of milling down the tang to the right size.

Any (polite) suggestions, or should I just buy a new blade and leave the old one to gather dust?

-23rd April 2004, 09:34
If you have an existing foil with the correct grip, compare the two and cut the tang to the correct length.

Use a good metal file and round the tang to the disired width, paying close attention to the shoulder area. An adjustable (split)die should be able to cope with the diameter of the tang anyway so much filing should not be necessary. A Dremmel or similar cuts down the time spent filing and shaping considerably.

Mount the blade upright firmly in a vice, ensuring that only the tang protrudes. The less flex in the blade, the better. Use the correct Die for the job and take your time. Do not force the die and keep backing it off. Lubricating oil may make the job easier.

One last tip, with the die still on the tang, bevel of the edge of the tang with a file. This makes fitting the nut easier inside the handle, and ensures that no sharp edges are left to cut fingers.

Chris Wheelerhttp://home.btconnect.com/FatclownFilms/foil_page.html

-23rd April 2004, 22:56
if quite sure if you give Alex or 1 of the Mob at LP a ring/E-mail they should be able to give you some advise Dalby!! :thumbs_up
Or even they might even tell you to bring it in and they'll cut the tang down and thread it for you!!!!! all the best :)


-24th April 2004, 09:33
Thanks guys, these are a great help:)

Barry Paul
-24th April 2004, 11:34
Advice above is sound. Maraging tangs can be very hard so it might ruin your die, if in doubt bring send it in and we can cut it down, during the week it probably can be done while you wait. Barry Paul