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-26th April 2004, 11:13
Durham Leon Paul - 8th May

Can anyone tell me where to get an entry form for this?
Leon Paul webiste only has a snail-mail adress.


-26th April 2004, 20:00
Just wite to Averil...she is a very nice lady.....or I might be able to scan an entry form in, if Gav will tell me...hang on: I'll go and get the form and post the times here....

-26th April 2004, 20:12
Entry Details

<11 (93 -94) boys 9.45 girls 9.45
<13 (92 -92 boys 8.45 girls 8.45
<15 ( 89 - 90) boys 9.45 girls 9.45
<17 (87 -88) boys 8.45 girls 8.45

entry fee 10 cheques to LPJS Durham.
Number for those running late - 07776146413

Closing date 1st May, otherwise 5 surcharge, 20 on the day. BFA or equivalnet necessary.

Avril Clark, 65 Front Street, Trimdon Village, County Durham, TS 29 6LY.

It's at The Graham Sports Centre, Maiden Castle, Durham - Uni of Durham. About 10 mins off the A1M - a doddle to get to.

If you have any problem, pm me or Coup de Nord, I guess.


it's also another open to all Tomorrow's Achievers training day the next day, same place as the comp, 11am, with Bela Kopetka : 20 to include lunch. Again, pm me if you would like to attend. Anyone <17 who is an epeeist.....Gonna be GOOD......

3 Card Trick
-26th April 2004, 22:13
Late entry fees are always a bone of contention. Neither Warwick or Arnold charge them. Whilst I don't wish to suggest that Durham should not, I do feel that they should make more of an effort to have the entry form on line.

Leon paul will even include the possibility of on line entry.

As a club we have just had to get a crumpled Durham entry form out of a fencer's bag to copy it.

If there is a problem with the web thing please pm me and I will see what can be done.:)

-26th April 2004, 23:39
Not that this is any of my doing/worry, but I understood that a wadge of Durham entry forms had been taken over to Arnold by Avril hersen.....and there were some at Warwick, too....should have been some for Harrogate at Warwick, but don't think Tubby had access to any....

I think the service offered by LP for on line forms is excellent and would hope that ALL LP comps will take this up before the end of the year. Was extoling the virtues to another comp organiser on Sunday. They should not replace hard copy, as some will not have access to the web, but it is an brill additional resource.

As well as there being a hot link to a web site/organiser's email off the calendar page, hmm? I know that Averil doesn't have personsonal access to a computer at the moment (ahhh...), so that is a problem for her.

-27th April 2004, 07:37
Thanks everyone !

I now have all the details I need !


-8th May 2004, 21:23
We wuz there today - thoroughly good event - well done to the organisers. Only gripe is it could have started later - we were up at 5:00 a.m. to get there, and it was all aver by 3:00 p.m.
Still, it worked out OK, we got home in time for a BBQ