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-9th May 2003, 23:02
How do you lot out there get coverage in the media - local or national - about this 'ere sport?? We've tried local and regional press for a boy who has been national champ for the last 2 years (<14 and <16), written by a guy who until recently was a free lance journalist, so should know what he's talking about. Not a sniff.

Give us a clue - what, where, when and/or how.......please??;)

-10th May 2003, 09:19
We just phoned up the local paper and asked if they wanted to do a story.

They said yes.

(The local news is normally very very slow :) )

I'm not certain about the local radio, either we asked them, or they asked us after seeing tha papers.

-10th May 2003, 22:57
Perhaps we need to try it that way, then......