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-17th September 2014, 22:33
I have a question regarding french company Prieur-sports.
Back in July I have ordered the equipment from them - they received the payment and I received confirmation on the 14th or 15th of July that they are processing the order. Since then nothing - no response, no emails, no notifications, status of the order still in processing. I sent them numerous emails - in July, August and September.
As per info on the site - they were closed in August for holidays but they didn't respond me in September until I said I'll send the case to the court. Then I received a short email saying they are out of stock of the blades I ordered asking if I want a refund.
I said no, asking them why haven't they informed me earlier that they are out of blades, and when are they going to have the blades again. I also asked for compensation because of the fact they held my payment for two months. Since then - again no response. Sent them a reminder - no response.
I ordered from the company like two years ago and the transaction went ok. This time it's kind of outrageous and I feel tricked.
Anyone had similar issues? Can you advise anything? I'm in EU but not France - what legal actions can I take against them?

I know nothing
-18th September 2014, 06:28
The contract is governed by English law (assuming you are in England). It is a pain to serve proceedings outside the UK - although possible. It would also be a pain to enforce any judgment:assuming the company is good for the money.

Too much is said that people want 'compensation'. Your legal right is to receive damaged to place you in the same position as if the contract had been performed. This effectively means your entitlement is to get the costs of getting the same product from elsewhere.

In reality, the easiest solution is to get your money back and go elsewhere. It may not fully give you your right to damages, but pursuing any other option really isn't worth it unless the sums involved are substantial .

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-18th September 2014, 07:34
I would guess that the blades in question are of Ukrainian origin. Both famous Ukrainian blade plants are based near the Donetsk region one is a walled facility next to the main train station so a very attractive military target or base. My feeling is that this plant may never open again which is a tragedy. I have visited this plant in the Ukraine and the people and staff were very skilled and very friendly.

This is sadly the effects of a war that will have long consequences to the people and also the availability of blades from Ukraine and Russia.

-18th September 2014, 10:29
Thanks guys,
The blades are prieur sport blades (PS - FIE, maraging series). Thought they were produced in France. Maybe you're right to claim for the refund however I'm honestly speaking furious about them holding the payment for two months without any notice. I'm not in a position allowing me to order maraging blades month after month and I needed the equipment for the September competition.
Once again, thanks for your help.

-18th September 2014, 19:20
May not be the best solution to your problem but Pbt sell those blades so if your heart is set on those particular blades you could always get your refund then order through them instead?

-18th September 2014, 23:35
Good idea - didn't know PBT also sells them. Also Leonpaul used to have them once, I suppose, however not anymore.

Barry Paul
-19th September 2014, 13:14
Prieur has just been sold, so I presume this has not helped, especially with the one month french summer holiday shut down.


-19th September 2014, 13:58
Prieur has just been sold, so I presume this has not helped, especially with the one month french summer holiday shut down.


Have they been bought by an existing supplier in the market?

I know nothing
-19th September 2014, 19:44
If you paid by credit card, contact your card issuer and claim the money back from them under s 75 Consumer Credit Act. If you paid by debit card, there is no statutory protection but issuers may give you your money back. If you paid by PayPal they should give you your money back. If you paid by bank transfer: your only way of getting your money back is from the seller.

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-20th September 2014, 00:29
Thanks again,
Maybe this will have a happy ending as it seems like prieur has finally sent the order. We'll see, what's inside...

Purple Fencer
-21st September 2014, 12:44
Prieur has just been sold, so I presume this has not helped, especially with the one month french summer holiday shut down.


That would explain why I never got an email response when I asked them about some test gear...either in English or poorly translated French.

Any idea when that holiday's over and who bought them??

-22nd September 2014, 11:32
They close in August, starting again in September.

Purple Fencer
-23rd September 2014, 18:05
They close in August, starting again in September.

Annnd....it's almost October now....