View Full Version : England Youth - Tomorrow's Achievers <17 epee

-27th April 2004, 14:22
Ok - posting this as before....

The second open-to-all epeeists under 17 is to be held onSunday 9th May
at The Graham Sports Centre, MAiden Castle, Durham (uni of Durham)
at 11 am until 5pm. Coach Bela Kopetka , cost 20, including your lunch.

All enquiries to me as soon as poss, like NOW!!!!!

It is the day after the LPJS epee and the day of the LPJS sabre. The venue is a doddle to get to - about 10 mins off the A1M.

Pm me or email tafencing@lloydjones.karoo.co.uk, and I'll send you a form to complete.

No one turned away at the moment, even Scots and Welsh !! as this is OPEN and not squad, yet.

Parents and coaches are more than welcome to come and stay/participate/learn.