View Full Version : What muscle groups to train for Fencing?

-12th November 2014, 12:49
Hello Forum,

Firstly I know there are a lot of builds in fencing which even vary depending on the weapon, height of fencer, style etc.

Iím sure we can all start by agreeing a solid core wonít go amiss. My question though is more specifically what muscles should epee fencers train for a fast lunges, fast fleches, endurance and overall performance?

Iíve heard squats, bench press, clean + jerk, weighted lunges are all good exercises alongside plyometric training.

Iím also quite confused about how much you should train calves. I see some international standard fencers with quite big calves, and others with realllly small calves and yet they seem just as fast/powerful.
Thanks for any advice or information.


-14th November 2014, 13:54
The big calves come from doing squats with weights. However, you have to do a squat with proper form. At my club, I am the only person that comes close to proper form.

That said, don't neglect your hamstrings or hip flexors either.

The quick lunge also comes from proper form on your foot work. Remember the back leg is your spring to push off.

-14th November 2014, 15:04
A good calf exercise is weighted raises. So stand with your toes on a step and go onto your tip toes and back down, can dip your ankles below the step for strength within flexibility. Use a free bar across yor shoulders ir hold dumbells.
Also using skipping in your cardio work out, makes them burn...