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-30th April 2004, 10:41
Think this section would still be better as "Junior Fencing" however - anyone like to share their thoughts, views and issues re the Premier Series?

-30th April 2004, 23:08
I'm happy with keeping this as LPJS - if there are other series of competitions, there could be other headings under a new section of the forum - but I've never ever seen the Premier series details anywhere, although obviously I know it exists. I help run a schools league in Y'shire, and pinkelephant does in the North West, and it might be useful to have a specific section on the forum for such info, away from Tournaments, so that we don't bother people.

And on the topic of names of series, I'm sorry, but I found it very confusing initially calling a series "junior" when in fact that is exactley what it is NOT : it is cadet, or minime or benjamin or all three, but NOT junior, which is 17+. I'm well used to LPJS (almost too old now...on penultimate season...sigh...), so I should not moan (why not ?? just taken son to his tutor's house to meet the midnight deadline for his IT course work....grrrr:mad: Friday night bottle of red had to go on standby until we got back).

Let's promote youth fencing at every opportunity - don't care what it's called, really, just let's DO IT...... :grin: :grin:

-30th April 2004, 23:29
I'd rather there was a 'Junior fencing' section, possibly with threads for the various series etc.

-4th May 2004, 14:38
Roger - good idea - Forum Masters? -

-4th May 2004, 14:53
...can it be "Cadet Fencing", perlease ????? and how about seperating the weapons, too, like they are on the forum anyway ??

and will someone post the details for the Premier and any other cadet comps o/t LPJS (cos we know where they are....) ??

-4th May 2004, 16:02
Premier Series is run by Mark Nelson-Griffith at Sussex House I think. Do you know about the Dieppe Comp held each year in May. The UK organiser roams this site so will probably pick up on this posting and send you an email. Comps for younger fencers are few and far between and, at the risk of stirring up another hornets nest, the LPJS took the lead from day one and retained the position (no I don't work for LP either but credit where it is due). LP does a lot for the youngsters and the youngsters are the future of fencing. Are you going to Bude?

-4th May 2004, 20:44
No Bude for us this year - having marauded there for the first 2 years of the comp. I have a leg of the Yorkshire Sporting Chance league at my school that day (bad planning, but it's a long way from Y'shire to Bude (especially during term time), lovely tho' everyone is) and as I'm organiser, I sorta need to be there to pace the deck.

Isn't it too late for Dieppe this year?? Would like to get it on the calendar tho'. Jason take note.....and other French/Belgian etc cadet comps...too much hassle to sift Nahouw, especially if you don't have knowledge of the comp/organisers.

I also think there is a place for notification of all cadet/school/regional comps to come onto the forum, if not the BFA web site - they could do to be somewhere central (like I'd like to get training courses up in the same way), and most organisers welcome interlopers - I would !! They aren't on the BFA calendar.

Big up for LP and Premier, really - anyone who will set up and run a series open to all is worthy of the thanks of all fencing parents. I did the LPJS circuit with me boy for 3 or 4 years, one year doing both foil and epee (ha!) and we both learnt a lot. Premier was just a step too far, unfortunately. It costs LP 20k or so a year to promote etc, and many people get involved to organise. Still do some LPJS, but for different reasons now.

Come on Allstar/Duelist - how about it ?? Get your name spread about a bit more, and get your uniforms seen, too. The youngsters are the future of fencing......see about setting up a series or 2:grin: :grin:

-5th May 2004, 00:26
Lancashire Schools on 23rd May. North West Junior Series 4th July. Both at Arnold School, Blackpool; both 3 weapons. Details should be on North West website soon - otherwise PM me for details with your e-mail address. Both comps open to fencers from neighbouring regions e.g. Yorkshire (PM1 has been over once or twice) & Wales.

-5th May 2004, 08:12
...certainly have. We have been asked to "open up" our new comp too, and that is a possibility next year, but need to speak to our sponsors first - well, after we have seen how this first year has gone, and the last comp is 20th June in Sheffield, when we'll have done Harrogate, Hull and Sheffield, a good geographical spread. The main purpose of the whole thing is to encourage children to take up sport, and preferably fencing!!

Must look inot this 10,000 steps thing.......:grin:

-5th May 2004, 10:24
Originally posted by PM1

Isn't it too late for Dieppe this year?? Would like to get it on the calendar tho'. Jason take note.....and other French/Belgian etc cadet comps...too much hassle to sift Nahouw, especially if you don't have knowledge of the comp/organisers.

The British entry for Dieppe officially closes in December.
It is set so far in advance, to avoid me being overwhelmed by U.K. entrants - most the foil categories were oversubscribed this year as usual.

I could still accept late entries from epeeists though.

Details of foil and epee youth comps in Dieppe, Brussels and Copenhagen can be found at:

-5th May 2004, 10:46
Wondefull Stuff !! Thanks Jason :grin:

-5th May 2004, 13:40
Kiddie Fencing - Mainland Europe
Thought about it - more expense and daughter's size zero already framed in glass case.

Lancashire Schools
Arrrrggghhh - the weekend we move house!!!

-6th May 2004, 07:40
For information:

Link for info on Premier Foil Series as follows...


-6th May 2004, 08:02
Many thanks...feels like we ar getting somewhere now....:)

-7th May 2004, 16:53
My daughter is doing the Premier series for the first time this year.

Generally speaking, the venues are as good or better than for LPJS, and the running of events, if anything, is slightly smoother.

A couple of negative points -

The age gap from U11 to U14 is very wide -- 3 years makes a big difference at that age, and kid who is just 11 is unlikely to survive long against a 14 yr old. However, I appreciate that until numbers increase, this may be necessary.

Secondly, and this is a real gripe - only one round of pools! Driving from Portsmouth to Bristol for 4 pool fights plus (potentially) one DE - its a long way to go for 35 hits!

Finally, it was a shame that the Esher round was on the same day as the Eton LPJS only 30 miles away. I appreciate that their are only so many weekends, but surely better to clash with the Durham or Bude LPJS?

Having had those little moans, the kids only get to fence competitively because someone gets of their backside for no money and less thanks to organise the tournaments. Any time anyone moans about tournament organisation, I guess they should ask themselves why they don't get on and do better themselves. Of course, I am far to busy at work............

-8th May 2004, 05:10
Why do people only ever comment on POOR organisation?

-8th May 2004, 15:00
Becasue, almost as a way of defining the term, you don't notice good organisation. Ungrateful sods.

-8th May 2004, 17:54
yeah, Roger is right, the best competition is when the organisation is not noticed at all because it is so smooth and faultless

-8th May 2004, 23:04
When organisation is good, people don't have time to notice it because they are too busy fencing!