View Full Version : Wire Breakage

-30th April 2004, 22:49
I have broken now 3 wires right at the bell guard ( on epee).

Dose anyone know what Im doing wrong, am i most likely crushing the wire when i put the guard on (not putting it throught the little spot designed for the wire). Like i broke a wire that is two weeks old.

Anyone know what im doing wrong, and some tips to help it.



-30th April 2004, 23:18
Enlarge the hole in the pad so that it can be pulled back - that way you can see if the grip is cutting the blade wires.

-1st May 2004, 20:31
Make sure the handle is always kept tight, otherwise what might happen is the bell guard will begin to move and cut the wire just where it enters the guard.
Also make sure, when tightening the handle, that the grooves in the bell guard and the handle are lined up, if they aren't you could pinch the wire causing a break.
Hope this helps:)