View Full Version : How best to prep for starting fencing?

-15th January 2015, 18:25
Hi! I fenced a little bit years ago (foil), but I wasn't good and had to quit because of schedule. To be fair, it was the first sport I ever played and I was terribly out of shape. Now, I've danced for a few years and run daily (not a ton, about 10 miles a week). I'm in decent shape but my hamstrings/quads/glutes are far weaker, and I just remember being in so much pain when I was fencing.

I'll be joining my uni club in a few weeks, and just want to know the best ways to strengthen my lower body in the meantime. I figure that, maybe I can work enough now so the recovery time is less excruciating once I start. Advice? All I remember from the old conditioning was wall-sits and going across the floor in the squat/position, so I've been doing that a lot.

What else can I do before then? Also, what are some good recovery stretches? I assume this could help with the post-workout pain, as I never stretched last time.

-20th January 2015, 16:09
Not sure about recovery stretches, in my opinion lower body stretching before any training, conditioning or actual fencing is critical to preventing injuries (and pain). E.g. calf stretches against the wall, hurdler's stretch, quad pulls (like the 'bow and arrow' in yoga), sitting spinal twists (esp. for glutes), over-extended lunge stretches on both sides and some gentle rotations for knees and ankles are all beneficial.

The wall-sits are hard on cold muscles - no wonder you felt the burn! For strengthening the legs maybe you could try something more active, like jump squats, jumping jacks, sprinter starts, running with knees lifting high enough to hit your hands held at waist height. Jumping side to side over an obstacle while keeping your feet together is another good one. And of course, lots and lots of footwork...

As for recovery and pain - a hot bath works wonders!

-22nd January 2015, 17:17
For conditioning do Cycling classes and use high resistance.

Also, jump squats and lunges with weights are good.

You should also do plyometrics