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-1st May 2004, 12:42
There's something I don't get:

On the qualifiers' list on the FIE web site, under men's foil ind. there's a list of all of those whove qualified through the regional qualifications and the special Olympic qualifiers such as Ghent and Athens.
On other lists of weapons there's also those who've qualified through FIE rankings.
What happned to Vanni, Sanzo, Joppich and so on? Where are the top five fencers in foil? None of them is registered on the FIE web site?

-1st May 2004, 16:21
They are on national teams which have qualified. Each of those nat'l federations can chose the members of their teams as they wish, but presumably the teams will include those fencers you list.

3 Card Trick
-1st May 2004, 18:04
Where there is a team event the formula is:

36 entries in the individual weapon.

the first 24 are the top 3 for each of the 8 teams qualified.

the remaining 12 made up from FIE rankings and zonal qualification.

The 8 teams are the top 4 in the world ranking and the top 4 from the four zones. Europe, Asia-Oceania, Africa and the Americas.

For weapins which only have an individual event the formula is:

24 entries only

The top 8 go to the Top 8 in the World Rankings

The next 8 are selected from the top of the FIE ranking by zones, with 3 places going to Europe, 2 each to Asia and the Americas and 1 to Africa.

The final 8 are selected from zonal qualifiers with 3 places goiong to Europe, 2 each to Asia and the Americas and 1 to Africa but you could only go to the zonals if your country did not have a fencer in the first 16 allocated places.

This system has thrown up some real loo loo's. e.g. Women's Sabre where 2 of the qualified fencers hadn't even managed to get onto the world rankings and Men's Epee where we have World Ranked fencers 426 and 500 going and Men's Foil 189 and 249.

Surely this is PC gone mad.

-2nd May 2004, 05:34
Thanks to both of you.

-2nd May 2004, 12:09
personally i would like to see a more open entry where any country can send fencers. like in athletics. you would still get all the best people going but it would make more interesting.

-2nd May 2004, 13:44
Don't you still have to qualify for athletics, i thought you did.

-2nd May 2004, 14:30
ye, I thought you had to qualify as well.

-4th May 2004, 10:58
your federation puts a qualifying time that is generally thought to be acceptable. other than that i think any team is allowed up to 2 entries in every event. this is how there was a shot-putter running the hundred metres last time cos the nation in question had too many field athletes and not enough track. they asked for volunteers to run the 100m. he ended up in the NFL!!!

-4th May 2004, 15:22
i think there is a standard time that has to be set to qualify for the games in athletics, swimming etc.

But its up to the national federations to enforce it, so a bit of tampering is not unheard of i'm sure.