View Full Version : Attention fencers from Bournemouth!

-1st May 2004, 22:16
I'm missing my favourite opponent, Johan.

He's originally from Finland but lived in Sweden for many years and fenced in my club (Gothenburg).

A couple of years ago he was empolyed by a company called "Zelana" and moved to Bournemouth. I know he fenced in Bournemouth (I think the name of the club is "Spada"?) but don't know if he still does.

Since I lost contact with him I'm hoping anyone can help out. Should either of you know of his whereabouts don't hesitate to let me know!

He's my all-time fave opponent and I really MISS him! *sob*


-2nd May 2004, 00:15
The club is called "Espada F.c. Ulrika!!and If i remember correctly my club have a match coming up against them very soon!! i'll be going to watch the comp but wont be fencing due to an injury ......... but if you tell me his full name and i'll look out for him

Dave Hillier
-4th May 2004, 10:46
... and their web site is here.


He was definitly at espada a year ago as I met him at the hampshire epee. No one from epsada showed this year though so I don't know if he is still about.


-5th May 2004, 06:16
I found their website a couple of days ago and dropped them a mail.
However I have no idea of how up-to-date their site is. I'll just have to see what happens!

If you meet him again, will you let him know I'm looking for him? :)