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-2nd May 2004, 14:15
My problem is that the LP online site seems to be horribly out-of-date. They haven't got the new semi-FIE club box, the Golubitsky Grip to come, the new lightweight socket that was meant to be out soon, or the new long sliding points that have been around for ages. Come on LP I'm waiting to empty my bank account.:)
Anyway, my club recently brought a new three-weapon box, and got the new semi-FIE (?) anti-blocking club box. But what I want to know is what boxes (the club has one old blue box, one blue box sufficiently new to not need wires crossing and the new semi-FIE one) can be updated to the future FIE timings (350/120ms foil/sabre blocking time and 15ms contact time in foil), and how long it would take and how much it would cost?

And somebody update the LP site!

Barry Paul
-4th May 2004, 17:19
As for keeping the site updated. (It is difficult to get the staff!!!!) plus we do seem to keep making new items.

As for the boxes. All (almost all) can be updated to new regulations, as long as the rule change is linear ( In the old boxes you cannot make make the off target timing shorter than the valid timing) Updating requires changing resistors capacitors and for getting rid of off target some hard wiring.

Cost about 30 to 50 depending on what model what timing changes etc. Box updates we say two weeks.

For the new F.I.E. club boxes new chip will take from as you wait to a couple of days, cost not yet sorted. Barry

-4th May 2004, 18:21
Thanks! I suppose it's better to have a site that is always out-of-date because the company keeps innovating and designing new products than a site that stays accurate because the company never designs anything new!
My club has three boxes but only five spools, so it wouldn't miss one for a few weeks...

-5th May 2004, 00:31
Talking of which, Barry - we used to have 3 boxes and 7 spools.........................:moon:

-11th May 2004, 20:27
just a quick one, excluding postage and package how much would you be looking at to have some boxes given the once over? in particular the LP 2 Weapon box REF C605 and the 3 weapon box REF C90FES?