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-17th March 2015, 09:02
Durham LPJS 2015

Dates: Foil 28th March 2015, epee and sabre 29th March 2015

Venue: Graham Sports Centre, Durham University, Maiden Castle, Durham. DH1 3SE [GOOGLE MAP (https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=DH1+3SE&output=classic&dg=brw)]

Cost: 18 per entry
ONLINE ENTRY AND REGISTRATIONS (http://sport80.co.uk/event/events?id_sport=2)

Deadline for entries: 20th March 2015 (entries after this date may not be accepted and/or subject to a 5 late fee)

Check-in times: (these are subject to change if entries are low. Those registered will e-mailed with updates)

Foil 28th March

U9 boys 09:45 U9 girls 10:30
U11 boys 09:00 U11 girls 11:15
U13 boys 10:30 U13 girls 09:00
U15 boys 11:15 U15 girls 09:45
U17 boys n/a U17 girls n/a

Epee 29th March

U11 boys 10:30 U11 girls 10:30
U13 boys 09:00 U13 girls 10:30
U15 boys 09:45 U15 girls 09:00
U17 boys n/a U17 girls n/a

Sabre 29th March

U11 boys 14:00 U11 girls 14:00
U13 boys 12:30 U13 girls 12:30
U15 boys 12:30 U15 girls 12:30
U17 boys n/a U17 girls n/a

ONLINE ENTRY AND REGISTRATIONS (http://sport80.co.uk/event/events?id_sport=2)

LINK TO DURHAM UNIVERSITY SPORT (https://www.teamdurham.com/universitysport/) Official NE Fencing partners

-23rd March 2015, 15:32
Just wondering if there is an entry list available and if check in times are confirmed?

-23rd March 2015, 19:14
No entry list posted ?

-23rd March 2015, 19:30
The entry lists are in the sport80 system. Sorry don't have link as on my mobile.

-23rd March 2015, 20:52
Sport 80 only showing partial entry lists - you could also use paper entry, which I know I did as well as a few others from club. Had entry confirmation e-mail, so I know it was received. Guess we'll just have to wait!

-24th March 2015, 08:11
Ok, didn't realise that.

Durham usually post their entry list on here, but you could always email the event contact and ask for confirmation of your entry.

-24th March 2015, 20:25
Blades in position and en garde !:whistle:

-25th March 2015, 17:04
Entry list and final infohttp://fencingnortheast.org/durham-lpjs-2015/

-29th March 2015, 20:31
Lovely competition. Great reffing. Really welcoming and helpful people. Lovely venue. Great to see an equipment stall. Especially enjoyed the Easter Egg Tombola! Thank you all so much for a really enjoyable day!

-29th March 2015, 21:13
Thank you to the organisers. One of the best LPJS competitions that we have done. Two rounds of poules with very quick turn arounds between poule rounds and DEs. Great space with lots of room & really good reffing. A great day!

-30th March 2015, 08:07
anyone know U13 boys foil results?

-30th March 2015, 08:28
Raphael Rhys-Pollitt of RLS got the gold and a Mr Williams who fences for Germany (!) got the silver. One of the bronzes was Alex Home from Salle Kiss. Not sure of the rest...

Nick E
-30th March 2015, 08:55
anyone know U13 boys foil results?

Results are all showing via the link on post #8 above.