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-4th May 2004, 08:53
Gav your mailbox is full - so I could not P.M. this.

Hi Gav, Can you use your mighty forum powers and change the post I made about Barnsley fencing club to the following.

Posted by Neochrome

Club name - Barnsley Fencing Club
Coach : Adam Blight
Location : Darton High School ,Mexborough, Barnsley , South Yorkshire
Times : Tuesday 18:00 - 19:30 (can continue afterwards)
Cost: 3.00 to start then increases to 5.00 after 3 sessions.
Weapon : Foil ( but will do others )

Extra notes: Friendly - mainly beginners although there are a couple of more experienced fencers.)


-4th May 2004, 09:57
No worries. I will invoke my mighty forum powers and update your post!

-4th May 2004, 10:05
My hero , *swooon*

erm I mean (in manly voice) Cheers Mate , football, cars, beer etc etc :)

-4th May 2004, 10:10
<Manly slap on back>

There you go mate.

Beer, birds, cars, footie ... etc