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-27th May 2015, 12:36
Hi all, (25 male here)

For quite a while my knees have always been an injury prone area for me. For a long while now they are constantly aching (mildly) and feel strained when I bend them. Even a good en garde position feels like a bit of a challenge. Not being particularly fit and fencing with this situation I also find I often pull my back/neck as well.

I went for a deep tissue massage at the weekend and explained this. They spent a while on my legs and it didnít hurt at all. They said if it didnít improve I should see a physiotherapist (which is why Iím asking you if anyone knows a good physio in London who understands fencing). They also worked on my back which was very painful (getting some knots out).

Such injuries in my knees, neck and back make it very difficult for me to regularly commit to a S&C program or even go for a regular run. Iím thinking of trying to take up swimming to get some kind of consistant workout outside of fencing. All I know is fencing 2-4 times a week over the past few years hasnít made me fit and left me still injury prone as ever.

Thanks for any advice.

Not quite a Vet
-27th May 2015, 13:23
Sorry BFS can't help with any Physio info in the London area.

But would suggest attempting to start a mild S&C programme that would help build muscle around the knee area. I used to suffer from a problematic back knee, my daughter when she started to fence a lot suffered from pain from her leading knee. Both were resolved with some S&C work. Also in my daughters case it was found it had a lot to do with fencing posture, so this could be another avenue for you to investigate especially with your back & neck symptoms.
But please avoid running at all cost that will not do your knees any favours, hope you can find some solutions and continue enjoying fencing.

-27th May 2015, 13:35
What he said.

And yeah no running.

S&C is what you want to be doing and if you don't know how to do this you need to get yourself some good (face to face) advice from someone who knows.

In fact I can't stress this "speak to a professional" concept enough. If you're feeling that S&C is too painful to commit to then you're probably doing too much too soon. Take it a bit easier and work up the intensity would be a general bit of advice. But honestly this will go much better if you just speak to someone.

-27th May 2015, 13:47
Thanks for the responses. My only thought is that I donít think Iím over doing anything. Iíve been working on my squats in recent weeks but Iím only squatting light weight (40/45KG) when I could do up to 50/60 reasonably comfortably. My knees arenít a recent issue, itís been a weak spot for me for years. I worked with a personal trainer for a few sessions who also checked over my form. The fact I had a deep tissue massage on my leg and it didnít hurt at all makes me thing itís a knee issue. Iíd love it to be as simple as keep training it, but itís not worked for me so farÖ

-27th May 2015, 14:19
The obvious other thing to consider is a trip to the physio to get yourself assessed. I know my ankles will never ever be 100% again but at least I know what to do now ...

Pete Eames
-27th May 2015, 17:01
I had really sore stiff knees making it very difficult going up stairs but bizarrely could run on the flat and fence. I was lucky enough to have some work done by Andy Byrne who has been the physio on several fencing camps so understands fencers' bodies. Briefly, his diagnosis was my the glute muscles in my bum were not strong enough. Therefore my quads had to work extra /too hard to compensate and this caused the problems in my knees. So I had work done / massage to releave the stiffness in my quads and knees , and exercises to gradually strengthen the muscles in my glutes. The result is, my knees are now better.
I've had a different problem with my knees more recently but have found a stretch which has sorted that out , briefly imagine rolling up some carpet pistes and squatting down on alternate knees to do that. I've also swapped back to fencing in my running shoes as I think my hard fencing specific shoes were not compatible with my weight and loads of lunging on a hard floor.
Your problem though might be completely different to mine, however you should get some proper treatment. It would be pointless or worse doing the wrong thing. A running friend of mine tried to run through his knee aches over several months. It turned out His knee aches had been caused by a muscle imbalance which caused his knee cap to be pulled to one side. Because he continued to train with the kneecap in the wrong place, he ended up causing long term damage to his knees.
I regularly use a foam roller to roll out muscle tightness.
Unfortunately Andy Byrne is based up in Manchester. :(
Sorry I can't recommend a physio in London, but hopefully you might see there could be a solution to your knee problem when you do get some physio, even if it is to an unexpected area of your body.

-28th May 2015, 05:38
When I had a knee injury a few years ago, I saw Julia Peters Belk at Capital Physio. She definitely understood what was going on, and was fantastic getting me back up and fencing.


-28th May 2015, 09:20
Can recommend an excellent Physio, rehab specialist and Doctor based in Central London. They know their stuff and are well aware of fencing as they have been our club Medical team to our elite group of fencers for the last 2 years. They all work together as part of a team so from diagnosis, through to treatment and future rehab is all managed in-house. They do come to club every couple of weeks otherwise they have offices by Harley Street. Send me an email if you are interested and I can forward their details onto you.



-15th June 2015, 13:38
I would recommend:

Physio - Elite Physical Medicine who treat elite sports people (premiership fotballers etc). They are in Aylesbury. Paul Thawley is your man.

Posture etc: Helen Hall at Ten Point (Triathlon) in Chesham Bois near Amersham. She is an expert in foot strike, posture and resulting pain. She is also an Ironman triathlete and knows how you can get yourself fit and strong. She is also the kind of person who can get people who find it too painful to stand to be exercising comfortably.

In Harley Street, look out for Steven Fullagar - Osteopath - who selects Osteopaths for Team GB in Rio etc and works at the EIS in Bisham Abbey. He also has a clinic in Buckinghamshire and many good contacts with all kind of practitioners who can help in a holistic way.

Don't worry and good luck.

-23rd June 2015, 11:47
I was reading about the thought behind these new tape (kinesiology - i think its misspelt) is the basis to the way the tapes are applied. Apparently great reviews and I am going to order some for my daughter's sore knees. Worth a try.:whistle:

-7th July 2016, 11:58
Hey Guys.

I've seen a few - recommend Physio4Life in Putney, they don't take any crap though. Expect to be reprimanded if you don't do your exercises. I also like On Track Sports Therapy who perate out of Fitness First in Brixton. Cheaper, but still excellent quality and very nice people.


Take care with future training!


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