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-29th July 2015, 10:16
Hi All,

I've gone back to the gym (yes I know) and I realised that it's been so long that I have essentially forgotten what to do! So rather than hire a personal trainer I've been looking around for good resources for general fitness. Note that this isn't specifically fencing related stuff - although that might come later ...

Has anyone looked at Darebee?


Clearly it's aimed at the beginner market and I confess that the RPG element appeals to my nerdier side ... but from the brief amount of time I've spent looking at it I think it looks alright. And it's certainly comprehensive.

Does anyone else have an opinion?

-29th July 2015, 11:38
While I don't, it's interesting just how *successful* the gamification of fitness has become.

-29th July 2015, 12:15
As a fitness plan they are really quite good.
The USP of being based around gaming or superhero workouts is a touch of genius in my opinion!

I was looking to do a few of the superhero workouts at club over the summer, the workouts are all balanced and well thought through.

-30th July 2015, 17:31
Thanks Michael. It's good to know that I am not the only person who looked at this and thought it sounded useful.

-25th October 2018, 11:49
I am honestly in favour of doing any sort of programme as long as it's sustainable, there's a plan and there's a way to measure progress/set targets.
I'm a big fan of the Starting strength programme when you're starting back at the gym. Far too many fencers neglect strength training, especially as you're not quite the youngster you once were ;) plus it strengthens your back, posterior chain, legs arms and shoulders with your core as a side bonus. The one suggestion that I add to it is to do a plyo workout and a flexibility workout alongside.

https://youtu.be/tApwgPsaa7s like this one.