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-17th May 2004, 12:48
A number of people at the recent LPJS comp in Bude asked about the lame my son was wearing. Unfortunately I could't recall the name of the supplier. At the risk of incurring (again)the wrath of the moderators the lame was supplied via gofence whose website can be easily found (I wouldn't dare to put up the web address or link here!!). There are probably other suppliers of similar lames. For the sake of good order and to save a lot of angst may I just point out that I do not, have never, will never work for gofence, in fact, I don't even know who runs it. I am simply responding to questions asked and the spirit of a free market!

-17th May 2004, 13:02
It's ok Winwaloe!

I believe you! I'm really sorry about all the fuss last time.

As it happens I know the owner of GoFence and I'm sure he will chime in here on his own account.

-18th May 2004, 08:00