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Chris Morgan
-20th May 2004, 14:44
recently my fencing has taken a serious turn for the worse, so after lots of carefull decision ive decided to try out the carbon-fibre epee handles at my next competition, ive tryed a couple of times, and to be honest i fenced far better than i expected to, any advice from people whol use them?


-20th May 2004, 14:54
Originally posted by Chris Morgan
any advice from people whol use them?

I've never used them, but a general observation anyway: everyone goes through slumps in form. Sometimes you just need to ride it out, sometimes you can find something which will snap you out of it. But you shouldn't expect a new grip to make any significant lasting difference to your fencing unless your current one is too small or too large.

I'd suggest that you focus on learning a new technique, or on practising one that you don't use often enough, rather than looking for a new piece of equipment as a way to break out of the rut.

Chris Morgan
-20th May 2004, 15:12
my lack of decent results isnt the main reason im switching its just more fun and i think it might help me become slightly more 'patient' when fencing, also im quite small so the extra couple of inches the carbon fibre gives might even out the height difference

-20th May 2004, 23:11
To be honest you are at the perfect age to be trying out new things (when you get a little older it becomes harder to change). The carbon handles are a good idea but that is against the balance of more conventional pommels....

This may be me talking rubbish but I go with vil when i say it. Whenever I reach a slump in fencing I will try and improve my repertiore and range of movements. Some people have bad days at competition and this can be mainly psychological.. Remember however all competitions are practice events for the nominated cadet ones.

When I was your age I tried to do as many competitions as possible in the hope that I would be able to fence some of the top ranked fencers. I think this helped me greatly and enabled a better performance at the nominated events.

Pommeling is a difficult thing to change to from being a pistol-gripper as it requires new tactics and technique. However you have a few months before the Bristol (your fist major ranking competition) so by all means experiment and HAVE FUN!!! :grin:

Chris Morgan
-21st May 2004, 20:50
Thanks Hellphire that helped alot, i was thinking exactly that, i wanted to get as much practice with a carbon fibre before bristol and manchester as they are the crunch time on what my seasonis going to be like.

Ive asked several people if they have one at my club and only one chap had one, and it was loose, but despite that i did fence really well, so ive decided to try one out at the next comp (Wrexham) which is nominated but not too important points wise.

Anyway we will see soon, thanks guys

-21st May 2004, 23:33
Let us know how it goes Chris - don't give in !!:grin:

-22nd May 2004, 01:09
I found the carbon fibre grip to be an utter disaster (pistol gripper) and if I see one I think easy meat (unless Graham Paul). I operate in a slump 90% of the time - ou've just got to grind through.

Chris Morgan
-23rd May 2004, 13:54
hmm well we will see wont we, i dont like the thought of being parried though..

-23rd May 2004, 19:05
Its a bit of fun and variety...

If I could be bothered to change to using a pommel I would; however I seem to be doing alright as i am at the moment...

oh well....

Btw.. pommelers are by no means easy meat. I have lost to pommelers many a time and there are many very good ones out there (the last being to a Frenchie 15-2 which was slightly embarrassing. I console myself on the basis that he was World No. 2 at the time....)..

Work needed.

-23rd May 2004, 20:22
Originally posted by Hellphire
I console myself on the basis that he was World No. 2 at the time.

Fair enough... unless you are the world number 1 :tongue:

-23rd May 2004, 21:16
Originally posted by Hellphire

Btw.. pommelers are by no means easy meat.

Pommelers are NOT easy meat - just people with the carbon fibre 'Big French Grip' (unless Graham Paul).

-23rd May 2004, 22:33
Ah i see what you mean.... However... the name 'Rob Gore' springs to mind when you say the pommelers who use carbon-fibre grips are easy......(am i being picky now? :tongue: )

However, generally i will agree.

Unfortunately I was not World No.1 (I wish) but I have beaten the World No.1 (yay) although it was in a poule bout...

Next time I will have him.... grr (or maybe not)

-23rd May 2004, 22:56
Originally posted by Hellphire
Unfortunately I was not World No.1 (I wish) but I have beaten the World No.1 (yay) although it was in a poule bout...


-23rd May 2004, 22:58
Never fenced / met / seen Rob Gore - there are always exceptions.

-23rd May 2004, 23:06
Rob Gore is a Very Nice Man.:grin:

-24th May 2004, 11:06
I've never seen these handles... I'll have to come look at yours at Wrexham Chris. :grin:


-24th May 2004, 12:06


-24th May 2004, 18:50
well you've seen them now!

Chris Morgan
-24th May 2004, 19:18
Fought the bloke once, hes v good beat me 5-3 if i remember rightly, all my hits were doubles, i couldnt get close enough

-24th May 2004, 21:07
Originally posted by PM1
Rob Gore is a Very Nice Man.:grin:

...and quite charming and good-looking, some would say...:eyerise:

The carbon-fibre grips are funny-looking things but one of the fencers I coach has recently switched to using them, having been pretty successful with a pistol grip. At the moment she's finding it very tiring on her hand and some actions are more difficult/impossible to perform (strong binds and a previously very effective flick to wrist). However the advantages of extra reach and the ability to score a greater variety of angulated hits are already looking like making the swap worthwhile. First competitive outing with it is due at the Milner-Barry. Should be interesting (especialy for those that had difficulty in getting close enough to her before!!).



-24th May 2004, 23:24
I would say most epeeists are nice people...we seem to get on well enough at competitions. lol one big happy family... :grin:

I will not be doin miller-hallet this year which I am quite peeved at (came 3rd last year so I will lose 1000 senior points :( ) however I will be jetting off to Iceland (yay) for a bit.

I want to switch to being a pommeller but methinks my style aint right for it....

Chris Morgan
-1st June 2004, 22:28
Lol daniel i wont be able to show you as im not going to wrexham anymore, but if you see me at any comps just come say hi, i will be at all the cadet nominated plus a few others