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-21st May 2004, 12:57
OK - my other half got dragged in to being armourer last w/e at the local comp, for reasons I won't go into here. HOWEVER, after unmanly protests of "I can't remember how to fix a foil anymore, and how does a sabre work, anyway?"he gamley packed his Black and Decker work bench and collected up all the springs and grub screws and teeny tiny screwdrivers and came to the venue.

And he enjoyed it so much, he's agreed to do it at another comp, and now wants to learn how to do it properly.

So where does he go to do that? I thought there was a guild of armourers, but can I find anything about them on the web, can I heck as like. I'll not be looking in the right place, I know.

Can someone point me in the right direction, pliz?? and are there any courses/books etc going???

Ta muchly.....:grin:

-21st May 2004, 13:38
I think Peter Huggins is the top armourer of the British Guild of Armourers (sponsored by Leon Paul). Ask sword_fixer on this forum - he is a member I believe.

-21st May 2004, 13:47
But there is unlikely to be any books on it - though there are courses run from time to time (there's one in Newport, S. Wales in June, but it's only for Welsh Fencing members...).

-21st May 2004, 13:47
Ta. Have emailed Stevejackson, but I think he's POSSibly not received it.....

-21st May 2004, 14:08
Ah Ha -- have just found an idiot's guide to fixing faults......yippee.....:grin:

-21st May 2004, 21:49
I'm not sure that this is any help to you, but I found this in a similar posting on the Fencing.net Forum.

"Fencing Armourer and Competition Module" from the Canadian Fencing Federation. (http://www.fencing.ca/coaching_manuals/armourer_comp_eng.pdf)

-21st May 2004, 22:21
Fantastic !! Thank you for that - will help him in his task of learning to do it properly and me in running etc comps - wish I'd known about this before.......always learning....:grin:

-22nd May 2004, 03:54
That CFF manual is pretty comprehensive, but you also need to bear in mind that it's about 17 years old, and thus pre-dates electric sabre.

Rudy Volkmann's manual, Elecrical Fencng Equipment: What Goes Wrong and How to Repair It, has long been the most widely available armoring manual in the US. I don't know if any UK vendors carry it, but it's a fairly slim, paper-bound book that shouldn't be too expensive to ship from a US vendor.

Of course, you can also tell your S.O. to ask questions both here and on Fencing.net. Steve Jackson & Peter are highly capable of handling armory questions, and over on Fencing.net both Donald Clinton and I have international-level armory experience.

In addition to the the armory how-to pages on the Leon-Paul site, there are some armory articles on Fencing.net (look under About Fencing: Armory)


-22nd May 2004, 11:23
Cheers Dave !!:)

-22nd May 2004, 21:18
Best place to learn is to pop in to armoury at any of the major pens and talk to the people running it. They'll help ( particularly if bribed with coffee)

-22nd May 2004, 22:38
Here is sword_fixer's site - best if you have broadband though.

-23rd May 2004, 08:50
You forgot the link mate!

-23rd May 2004, 09:49


-23rd May 2004, 09:50
That was quite impressively stupid of me!

-23rd May 2004, 10:22
Heres the link


Sorry about the broadband thing though, this version of the site is not intended for permanent viewing-----stand by for something bigger, better and faster than a speeding locamotive.(see atatched sneak peak)

Details for armoury course can be found here

-23rd May 2004, 10:28
Originally posted by sword_fixer
stand by for something bigger, better and faster than a speeding locamotive.(see atatched sneak peak)

British trains don't go very fast. It takes 3 hours to get from London to Paris, but in the next 3 hours you can get from Paris to Marseille. Which is just silly, because it took my family two days to drive that far.

-23rd May 2004, 10:49
I did not say it was British. It was more likely to be a Marvel train anyway. Like the Hulk logo, where did you get it?

-23rd May 2004, 11:00
Here's where I got the Hulk from:

http://www.gifmaniacos.com/Hulk/index2.htm (This one)

Then took Kingkenny's avatar, put it underneath the Hulk, copied the clouds a few times and flipped them horizontally and things to make more clouds, then used those clouds to hide the LP logo as it was being crushed.

Then I had to shrink it a great deal to make it < 65 pixels and < 20k! (I also cut off the final section of the animation)

-23rd May 2004, 11:02
I just hope Kingkenny has a sense of humour...

-23rd May 2004, 11:50
Who's Kingkenny?

-23rd May 2004, 11:58
One of the Leon Paul admin/moderators on this site.


I remember you told me you work in animation. My attempt at avatar-creation is rather amateurish to say the least!

-23rd May 2004, 12:00
PS I like your hulk too! Especially since he has his rear arm up correctly, unlike many of today's fencers...

-23rd May 2004, 15:44
Originally posted by sword_fixer
Who's Kingkenny?

Ben Paul

-23rd May 2004, 18:30
Originally posted by neevel
That CFF manual is pretty comprehensive, but you also need to bear in mind that it's about 17 years old, and thus pre-dates electric sabre. -Dave
Ok. To be honest I haven't really had a closer look at it, I just wanted to pass the link on. If anything in it is useful for anyone, well good! :)

Shaolin Monkey
-5th June 2004, 11:51
Why Does the LP armoury not have information on how to fix spools (as well as other pieces of equipment) and identify faults, as a member of a uni club we find armourers who know what they are doing hard to come by, a fault with a spool almost cost us a match once. Im aware that the site contains enough info on fixing weapons and wires, but im not aware of any trouble-shooting advice to lead someone to the conclusion of what exactly has to be done with their weapon/wire when it does go wrong.

-5th June 2004, 13:02
I know that Ben and Alex are putting in a lot of work into the Armoury section at the moment, including a section on spools(NOT just LP specific!). On the fault finding side, it's still under discussion but it will happen!......probably.......maybe:cool:

Shaolin Monkey
-5th June 2004, 15:20
Excellent, certainly we will find that very useful in the future

-5th June 2004, 17:25
If you go to the product data sheets, there are instructions on disassembling spools. But be really really careful before removing the thing that the wire coils around - behind it are three tightly wound springs just waiting to explode. Nasty things.

Shaolin Monkey
-5th June 2004, 23:08
I know thats why I am leaving it to someone else until i feel I know enough to deal with them

-6th June 2004, 09:18
Always wise with spools. They're only really dangerous bit of armoury, other than welding or hot-air-gunning or something. Or using those annoying point screwdrivers that I won't touch.

Shaolin Monkey
-6th June 2004, 12:02
I wonder if we should have a thread to go with armoury related injuries / near misses?

-6th June 2004, 21:41
Not likely to generate as many replies as the fencing injuries thread, though.

Shaolin Monkey
-7th June 2004, 08:27
But possibly some amusing ones, i mean painful ones

-7th June 2004, 10:33
You mean both..

Shaolin Monkey
-7th June 2004, 10:42
of course I do as long as it isnt life (or even worse) fencing threatening they can be both, of course many will disagree which is why i included the painful part.

-7th June 2004, 13:49
So far I have managed to avoid any major injuries...

Shaolin Monkey
-7th June 2004, 14:58
What is the borderline between major and minor injuries I wonder?

-7th June 2004, 15:12
Quantity of blood? Whether you need treatment? You're the medic - do you not do triage?

Shaolin Monkey
-7th June 2004, 15:14
no Im only first year, and provided that my results are alright, (we get them today:eek: ) I might just make second year.

-7th June 2004, 17:14
Recall getting an Armourers Manual from a kind soul at Salle Jacob. Don't know if they still have it.

Shaolin Monkey
-7th June 2004, 19:53
Shame they aren't readily available to buy