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-25th May 2004, 12:31
I can't believe this......just as I was really starting to get somewhere in epee (like winning bouts) I broke my wrist. Now I can't fence for several months.

Are there any excercises I could do while I'm recovering so I won't be horrible when I can take lessons again.


Boo Boo
-25th May 2004, 12:36
Footwork, footwork, footwork...

If you keep your legs strong and your distance an changes of direction good, things wont be nearly as bad when you go back...


-25th May 2004, 12:40
once it starts to get a bit better you could try fencing left handed (if it's the right one thats broken)
its actually really good at balancing you up, so you don't build up too much on one side.

-16th June 2004, 08:50
Yap, tell me about building up on one side...:(

-16th June 2004, 10:05
On that subject - do other people get very one-sided abdominal muscle development? I do a fair bit of cycling and running, so my legs muscles are pretty similar, but I seem to be developing much larger abs on my left side (I'm right-handed). I've got a three-pack! :eek:

-16th June 2004, 10:20
No - never seen this at all

-16th June 2004, 11:03
I've only noticed it in legs and arms, never in abs...

-16th June 2004, 11:49
<----- Freak? :eek:

-16th June 2004, 12:04
I don't know, maybe if you would post a pic, we can all see... ;)

-16th June 2004, 13:10
I don't have a camara handy.

If the office clears I'll jump on the scanner. ;)

-16th June 2004, 14:16
Heaven help me if I have to try being left handed. I think my opponent could just stand there and I'd miss.

It would be better if I simply fell on my sword and preserved my honor........

-30th June 2004, 09:35
I broke my right hand a few years back and fenced left handed for a few sessions. Apart from being great fun, I thought it was a great insight into the techniques which left handers use.

I used all the moves which really frustrated me as a right hander and found that they still worked despite not being natural south paw (really annoying for my opponents :) ). Now I know how and why these techniques work, and I use this knowledge on the piste.

-9th July 2004, 13:53
now tell them how you broke your hand...

-9th July 2004, 14:02
Remember boys and girls:
If you loose a close fight which you think you should have won, and you feel the need to punch something, don't choose something hard and unyeilding (like a concrete wall).
Instead choose something soft and squishy...like Marcos.